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Pretty chill game.
Posted June 29, 2019.
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Early Access Review
[WIP] The review will change with content updates.

Reviewed patch: December 26, 2015 - Patch


The premise of the game is quite simple: survive and build. The game does implement both of them quite well. You are surviving from both human players and the environment. While you can probably live with a campfire and hunt animals for food, you won't be able to survive for long against human players. For that you need to build houses. How grand and elaborate the buildings are is entirely up to you. You can make a small shack with a few necessesary items in it or a sprawling multi-storey mansion with a garage or even a fortress. It's limited by your imagination.


The game map is quite large and they might add more to it in the future. The map is made up of six different biomes, five of them are habitable and one is a radiation zone. Each biome works differently depending on the type of biome it is. If you go to the dunes without sun screen and light clothing, you will get heatstroke and die before long unless you find shelter. Similarly if you go to the snow biome without winter wear and food, you will die of hypothermia or hunger. The game's environment plays a big role in the type of gear you need with you at any time.

I have probably spent most of my game time on the snow biome so I will comment on my personal experiences there. First of all it's absulutely beautiful. There is something about getting on a snow covered hill and looking at the horizon to see white covered trees, plains and mountains and the moon shining brightly from the sky, not an animal or human in sight. It's erily quite and peaceful, and lonely (if you are alone). That's what snow biome offers, isolation. You will not get many animals to hunt for food, and unless appropriately clothed, you will start to catch cold. You need to make a fire to stay warm. If it starts to rain, even proper clothing won't help you, you need to make a shelter. Add the fact that high level ores which are used for pretty much everything, are scattered around randomely and they are radioactive or poisonous (depending on the ore). It is very tough to survive without proper preparation as it should be. The game's environment is deadly and with preparation, manageable but to the unprepared it can end in an untimely demise.


The game has small variety of creatures. Most drop meat which is the best food you can get right now and the rest are a bit more tougher and give more exotic materials when killed. The bigger enemy are the other players. The game has a partial loot system. Which means, unless you are infamous (bounty system for killing players), you will keep your worn items and tools but drop all resources so you are not back to square one if you die. You can find players who will try to kill you for your resources and players who will give you some food and send you on your way and even players who might ask you if you want to join them. Playing with other people increases the survivability and makes the game more fun, but it is definately playable alone.

And if you don't fancy pitting it against other players, there are PVE servers where players are forbidden from killing other players. Those servers are recommended if you are new to survible games or just starting out as a new player.


If you like building things, you can easily spend 100+ hours in the game just collecting resources and making buildings without restriction. You are only limited by the space where you build (unless you chose to go vertical) and your imagination.

The game is lacking in content in terms of craftable items though. It's quite easy to make all the items you need within a few days. To keep playing you can spend the rest of the your days building, exploring, killing other players, looking for car parts etc..

Final thoughts

Right now the game is very playable in terms of smoothness. There is an issue with nvidia and a bug with the game engine but there is a simple fix and there are guides on the hub to fix it. What the game lacks right now is content. The game lacks enemy varieties and craftable items. The developers took a small break during the winter holidays and hopefully they are back to creating new content for us. As the game stands today, you can definately get your moneys worth in game time already from the amount of conent you can experience right now.

If you are a fan of building things or survival genre, this game is highly recommended. And if you are new to the survival genre, this is not a bad place to start. There are no zombies in this game, but unlike many popular zombie survivale games, the environment can be just as deadly as humans in this game.
Posted January 4, 2016. Last edited January 5, 2016.
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TPS with moba rules. Very different and yet similar to other MOBAs such as LOL or DOTA. Because of the shooter style of gameplay, it is always action packed and fast paced. You can actually feel that you are controlling gods and other powerful deities by the way the abilities look and feel.

Wide variety of characters to choose from and many of the abilities will feel familiar to you if you come from other MOBA games. Decent number of game modes and maps. Content updates are pretty regular and the content is relatively cheap when compared to LOL. You get free favor (IP from LOL) and gems (RP from LOL) just by logging in daily. The skins are really unique and many of them are are inspired by current events or have historic, cultural or mythological significance.

The game design is pretty light hearted, and the community is not nearly as toxic as other MOBAs. In my 40+ hours of playing I met maybe two people who were toxic. And those were just whiny people, easy to ignore. If you are getting burned out of MOBA or want to get into MOBA, this would be a good game to start on.
Posted November 17, 2015.
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