Oops Zat Was Not MeDiciNe   Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
dont hesitate ,I accept all the invitations unless you do not speak English or French

professional sh!tposter

Server Mariokart FR/EN :
Discord for all informations about the server (maps, ip, ect...) :


was admin on uao (its dead now)
i was moderator on slender fortress francais (its dead now too)
i was major admin on yeti land server (also dead)
i made my own mario kart server in 2021 that i revived recently (yay not dead)
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HEY HEY HEY WELCOM IN :stopS::_C_::GoldenR::justI::justN::stopS: PROFIL

last update: 7 january 2022

about trading (not really trading anymore but you can send some offer and i'll see if i accept :
:cleankey: my trade url []
:cleankey: my bp []
:cleankey: if you want me to accepte a trade quickly send a message on discord pope scrins#1641


:PlanetoidCrystals: favorite game ?----------------------tf2:sticky:,halo:MCCHALO: (mostly halo 1 and 2),garry's mod:gmod:(not really playing it anymore but it still a great game that i like

:PlanetoidCrystals:music genre?--------------------------:2019headphones:rap,hip hop , electro(mostly trap) , breakbeat and stuff like that

:PlanetoidCrystals:my age?-------------------------------- 20 :cleancake:24/12/2001

:PlanetoidCrystals:nationality?----------------------------baguette/croissant/frog/the dudes that like wines/white flags/ hon hon hon oh look its a ragondin

about tf2:
:sticky:im a main medic:medicon: but i like to play most of the other class (exept spy, omg im a terrible spy :spycon:)
:sticky:i like to play: ultiduo , on mario kart server ,mvm, and sometime casual (dustbowldustbowl
:sticky:i own 7 unusual ,5 spelled item , 2 vintage item , 19 strange item, 15 genuine item,
21haunted item and 1 collector:box:

about halo(even if no halo player watch steam profil x):
:themark:my favorite halo game are in this order :
halo 2, halo 1, halo wars (1), halo 3 and reach ,halo infinite, halo odst, halo 4
:themark:i dont really like the halo multiplayer unless some special mod like griffball or multiplayer
in halo CE...
:themark:I have finished halo reach legendary in 3 hour achievement and laso, halo 2 laso (so
legendary too), im now doing the laso of ce and also the 3 hour achievement for halo 2
:themark:halo CE and halo 2 are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ masterpiece

thing that i HATE:halohotdrop:
:halohotdrop:lenny bind (cuz its mostly used by toxic people)

thing that i like:tinder:
:tinder:people that talk a lot
:tinder:fair play

about me:gordon:
i live in the south of the france (around montpellier), im just a random dude who like to play
video game but i have other hobby , im mostly a dancer , im doing break/shuffle and bit of
newstyle waving and popping, im trying to learn ticking (started when i was 3 years old).
i also started to skate ( since december 2020), im still a beginner but i can land ollie, shuv it and i can almost do pop shuv it and reverse pop shuv it.
i also do beatbox (since 2019 idk exatcly when) its mostly self taught so i cant name what i do
and i want to do tricking (i just have to re learn backflip and webster, i already know how to
b-kick and btwist ).

i was in a highschool specialized in aquaculture, and i did some internship in few fish farm and oyster farm, lastly i did a big interniship (8 month) in an aquarium, i also worked as a grocer and as a bartender. In the futur i would like to work at an aquarium and if possible work in australia.


:cozynms: my fav music :33
:melon: madcon: beggin fav music :)
:melon: evil needle:week 6 (mindset remix) [] good for breaking
:melon: apashe : goodbye

very sad

its the lows in life that make you cherish the highs and if it isn't i guess i'll be fine believin' in a lie...
just in case my car goes off the highway or the plane i get on decide it's my last day
i want you to know when your alone and you feel affraid
you'r not the only person in the world that isn't okay
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