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asdf Jul 11 @ 7:11pm 
fag below
Re Imperatore Jul 11 @ 3:53pm 
Re Imperatore: Hello
penguin: hello
penguin: want erp
Re Imperatore: is this keybode?
penguin: no
Re Imperatore: K
penguin: who is keybode
Re Imperatore: you
Re Imperatore: i know your profile
penguin: wtf im not keyvode
Re Imperatore: why did you come here though
penguin: who is keybode
penguin: im not ke ybode
Re Imperatore: this is not even my ip
penguin: what ip[
Re Imperatore: ""
Re Imperatore Jul 11 @ 3:53pm 
Re Imperatore: ""
Re Imperatore: That is not my ip
penguin: what are you talking about
Re Imperatore: https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/steamfacepalm
Re Imperatore: now jog on
penguin: thats a phone nubmer
Re Imperatore: doesn't look like it
penguin: it kinda does if you look close
penguin: libtard
Re Imperatore: Begone commie
penguin: how am a commie
Re Imperatore: idk you just are
penguin: proof
Re Imperatore: https://youtu.be/sSCVtkjfApE this is the proof that you gave me
penguin: fuc kyou
penguin: im gonna fuck you
Re Imperatore: now jog on commie
penguin: motherfucka
Re Imperatore: K white male
penguin: ok third wolrder
penguin is now Offline.
Re Imperatore: Lol
punk rocker Jul 8 @ 1:32pm 
soy below
twitter: aznxious Jul 8 @ 12:53pm 
Soy is healthy
347 Jul 3 @ 8:10am 
Five Nights at Freddy's