Miami, Florida, United States
i come up with item ideas.
they sometimes get in.
i do not accept random adds.
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Model - Drew
Texture - OverPovered
Rig - Ducksink
Concept - Tabby
Promo - HotPockette
Significant Feedback - Rabscootle, Greg
something - metabolic

14,003 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - drew, Metabolic, Greg, Tabby, rabscootle, HotPockette, Ducksink, and OverPovered
drew May 6 @ 1:10am 
<(-_-)> <---- teh angry kirbeh!!!
Krispy Kreme Dream Mar 16 @ 8:27pm 
+Rep Congrats on the lucious, lubed, lewd Saxxy Award !
Bonk Nickeltoon Mar 13 @ 5:34pm 
Added since you're a TF2 Emp Friend.
boomsta Feb 14 @ 12:41pm 
accept my shit :steamhappy:
Bionicle Jan 5 @ 5:21pm 
can i get uhhhhh House_of_fun?
fleckster Jan 5 @ 4:32pm 
fun to play with so i added you