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Only Add Me If You Have Counter Strike: Global Offensive (100+ hours)
Only Invite Me To Comp If Your 2 Ranks Below Or Above Me
Current Rank: Gold Nova 2
Age: 14

My Alt Account (only add if u play seriously)

PC I'm Getting: iBUYPOWER Revolt 2 £755
Keyboard(s) I Might Be Getting: iBUYPOWER MEK £38 or Razer Ornata £80
Mouse(s) I Might Be Getting: Zowie Za12/13 or Razer Deathadder Left Handed Edition

Games I Highly Recommend:

Postal 2
Postal 2 Paradise Lost
Portal 1
Portal 2
Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Tower Unite
The Stanley Parable
Papers, Please
Game Dev Tycoon
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Stuff About Me:

I want to play CS:GO more competitively, get a team together and play against other teams.
I'm aiming for Master Guardian 1 by the end of this year
Apart From CS:GO My favourite games are: Super Mario Galaxy 1, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Postal 2, Postal 2 Paradise Lost, Portal 1, Portal 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops.
Other Hobbies: Youtube, Case Clicker, Biking, Meming, Making People Laugh, Twtich

Fav Streamers: n0thingTV, steel, DaZed, AdreN, AnomalyXd

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Divide May 22 @ 3:40pm 
what you use to play songs ingame my friend
XICO NORIS May 4 @ 2:35pm 
"My Daddy is a Hacker and he will Hack you down".. Im still waiting my friend AHAHAH
scott Apr 16 @ 5:46am 
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-rep so Toxic
Fósil Apr 13 @ 3:07pm 
-rep retarded child
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