Evan   Florida, United States
I'm the average person that likes games, writing, drawing and hugs.

I only play single player. [pastebin.com]
There are some who call me Sci ❤
It is I, scientistB. Midnight Writer, Destroyer of Dutchbags, Collector of Karma, Lover of Hugs.
Hugs are my life-force. They keep me flourishing. Once I have collected enough hugs I shall evolve to my true form, Hugthulhu, and encase the entire universe in giant hugs. So feed me. :happycthulhu:
I will inject Protein Shakes into my bloodstream if I find a way that doesn't kill me in the process.

And now, my relations to the bestest friends in the universe.

Owned by Didu the Perfect
The true brother of DarkDXZ and Bacon Bomb
Ironically best friends with Kitty despite being a puppy
Separated from Alpha Z by an Enforcer Shield
Hopelessly in love with Hello
Disciple of the Lemon
Could talk with the Above Average Sir all day long
Tells Hextravert very long stories
Owes Theo, Midtime and Atrum many hugs
Protects dear Suwa's precious smile
Patient of Doctor Sparky
Can always rely on Sue
High-fived Gifte and didn't burn
Looks up to RaySen(pai), Akina and Sayaka
Hugs the entire Orange Juice community with Link, Ryuu, Xeno, Tenshi and many others
Cuddles the heck out of Cara, Radon and Minty
The younger version of Shadow McAngel
Engages in sisterly love with Chi and Akos
Had a hatechild with this freaking Mage, and this guy wasn't happy about it
Owns two cute bunnies
Serves customers with Customer Services
Got overthrown by Spaghetti

This cutie is my waifu. I love you :rabu:
Y'all mean the world to me. You're mine forever.

Discord: Sci#3428

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