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sir i wanna add you for a middleman. i wanna buy tf2 keys from a guy using paypal hope you accept my friend request soon
shronk hellcase.com Sep 11 @ 4:23am 
Bro i sent you a request got a bowie doppler phase 4 to trade.
Sep 9 @ 9:31am 
sir please ban this fake sub reddit middleman https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197963945223
Nossnaj Sep 6 @ 1:03pm 
Added for middleman service.
Foor Sep 6 @ 12:12am 
Foor Sep 5 @ 1:51am 
Adding for middleman
Mattzee Aug 30 @ 8:31am 
Added for middle man
Kirbybuu =DD Aug 26 @ 7:15am 
added for support skinearn
BeezKneez Aug 22 @ 6:52pm 
added for middleman
hi I am Massi. Aug 14 @ 7:16am 
Hey there, added for middleman service
d0kmz Aug 10 @ 11:50am 
Hey I'm planning on going through a cash trade, would be great if you could middleman :)
P33k Aug 9 @ 9:35am 
Im finally ♥♥♥♥ing back please respond
P33k Aug 9 @ 9:35am 
FREE TACO BOI Aug 8 @ 10:25am 
Hello, I added you, because I want to solve one problem.
My AWP Phobos I withdrawed was not sent after 5 days.
MAGNUS Aug 2 @ 2:32pm 
Accept my request, my Liege :P
HowToSuck Jul 27 @ 3:55am 
added for middleman in very high value trade
hey, added to middleman a cash trade :)
danto lft Jul 22 @ 6:59am 
hey added u cuz i wanna do trade worth 450 USD - money for items and we dont have middleman so want to know if u can be one
møno bitskins.com cs.money Jul 20 @ 2:04am 
Hey, accidentally canceled the offer while moving keys out of the market. Could you send me a new offer, will accept that straight away, cheers!
Riley Reid Jul 19 @ 9:53pm 
yo bud can we talk again by any chance?
Yeahghr qok kk Jul 19 @ 7:22pm 
Looking for TF2 to realm middleman
Riley Reid Jul 19 @ 9:25am 
hey ive got a question can i add?
eternal Jul 17 @ 11:38am 
Hi ! I want to ask you something.
Dяzη tradeit.gg Jul 16 @ 11:08pm 
added for questions about trading giftables and arcanas
iustin Jul 16 @ 9:37am 
added for question about selling on marketplace.tf
🐺LoneWolf🐺 tradeit.gg Jul 15 @ 9:33pm 
Hi Mod=God xD Adding you for a trade. Please accept.
Adding to sell DC Hooks
MAGNUS Jul 13 @ 7:09pm 
Hey Schmedy it's Magnus from CSGO trade subreddit. I quit some years ago. I'm the one who crafted that low float AK Redline MW with 4 Kato'14 Dignitas Holos & I used to deal in very low float skins. Remember me now ? :P I very recently got back into CSGO & skins & found out about Bitskins. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about Bitskins bcoz I want to buy some skins & I value your opinion. Can I add u ? Thanks.
baskit bal plaer Jul 10 @ 8:10pm 
Hey schmed do you know of any trusted cash rep traders? could you comment on my profile their names or where to find them thanks!
FaultForce Jul 8 @ 10:12am 
Returning the comment, wanted to talk about hour Houwar
PrettyGoodBRUHSoFar. Jul 8 @ 9:48am 
Added for middleman :)
Life_Travel Jul 8 @ 8:05am 
need trade advice from trusted trader
added to buy keys
SR.Lagallot Jul 7 @ 9:44am 
added to trade tf2 items
shronk hellcase.com Jul 7 @ 8:04am 
Added for trade
FaultForce Jul 5 @ 7:20pm 
Hey adding for trading
God is DAD Jul 4 @ 8:34am 
trading, add me
⌒‿⌒‶ ☾ Jul 3 @ 4:21pm 
added to buy keys.
naknak Jul 2 @ 1:38pm 
added to talk keys. We have friends in common who can assure you I am not a time waster.
super mario in real life Jul 1 @ 8:43pm 
added for middleman
MSAH15 | BitSkins.com Jul 1 @ 7:27pm 
Ok thanks for at least listening
Corruption Jun 30 @ 12:35pm 
hey there,can you help me out on being middleman?
IV Jun 29 @ 4:13pm 
I don't mean to bother you, but It would be extremely appreciated if you could help middleman an important deal between me and someone wanting to purchase my items. Please let me know if you could do it.
Kai S> 4x vox holo 2014 AWP Jun 27 @ 12:26am 
Hey, u have any more dc hooks?
DanY ;) Jun 25 @ 10:13pm 
Pls accept friend req bro ry
keigan - Jun 24 @ 10:44pm 
added for trade
Orbit Jun 24 @ 7:30am 
Added about DC hook
Artemis cs.deals Jun 23 @ 11:58pm 
Added to MM DCH -> ETH between myself + https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167156752
Yoshino | Sarah <3 Jun 23 @ 8:30pm 
Added to talk
Tank Jun 22 @ 11:17pm 
added for trade