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I'm just here to de-stress and have fun.

Big games, little games, major and independent, I'll try out pretty much anything. I've got a major addiction to shmups and RPGs. Also, if it's got tons of atmosphere, let me at it. Dead Space, Amnesia, Silent Hill, get my adrenaline going and I'm a happy guy.

I mainly play by myself but I can enjoy a multiplayer session with people I know, get to know, or who convey some level of maturity. On that note, the microphone function is like your car horn: it isn't a toy, it's a tool for communication so don't use it like a dick.

Weapon of choice: take a wild guess. I like the shotgun because it doesn't have a grenade. I'll try to get you with a well-timed shot long before I destroy the entire room; I like the chase.
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A fine example of why I love indie developers. Dragon's Wake tells a complete story without saying a word. Through music, organic environments, storybook-styled level screens, cave paintings, and old tapestries, the early life of a hatchling dragon and the subterranean races that it comes into contact with come to life. You'll face off against foes both mundane and unnatural, feeding on the energies of magical beasts to grow larger and improve your flight stregnth and fiery breath.

-whimsical art style
-great musical score
-fluid controls and gamepad intergration
-"mini-epic" story
-multiple endings dependant on in-game choices

-short playthrough

Don't be put off by the game's length, it's well worth the experience, especially if you're a fan of dragons.
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EchoLeafGaming Jan 28, 2015 @ 1:06pm 
BUSSSSSSSSSSSSS and Hunt the bird game modes by Synaptic and digitazedyeti *Insert copy right here* XD
Megolas Jan 27, 2015 @ 8:14pm 
Hey :D
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Nice :)