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Welcome to my profile

I'm just a 13 year old kid that plays games because i have nothing else to do

I'm not a guy of trades,so dont ask me for it.

These are the best people i've met

4Balaa- (Kid that i donated items on TF2,really cool dude and values what he has.)

AproliumBR (This guy goes way back,me and him used to play together alot,he was like a pro but he left Steam,he logins sometimes but i never got to talk with him again,godspeed.)

XYNYCAL (This dude i dont even know how to describe,funny asf guy,amazing player and leader,nice person,one of the few who have seen my ugly ass face,likes to change names alot and is my brother from another mother.)

Moscow (One if not my first friend here,met him on WoW,he introduced me to Steam and TF2,a really nice and weird guy,i spent probably half my TF2 hours with this guy,nowadays we dont talk much but i still remember the old days on that Mario Kart server.)

Zombie (A really nice and friendly person,really cares about people,is most of the time sick,not really competitive,stays up late,likes to talk alot and she does SFM sometimes.)

Krakenwagen (This guy is the newest from this list,so i still talk with him alot,met him on Payday 2 and he probably is the reason i have so many hours on that game,funny guy,crashes most of the time,hates VSYNC and public lobbies and he probably is my soulmate,because shit this guy knows and likes basically everything i do.)

If you're not one of them,you're still my friend,remember that!

Also i'm not dead,my pc is broken for the third time and i dont know when i'll fix it,but i'll still login sometimes

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