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cSg|mc-Hotsauce Oct 6 @ 9:17pm 
This is why Valve changed the entire login system to be this way. People are so dumb. :cfacepalm:
Satoru Oct 6 @ 9:11pm 
FFS he put is password IN CLEAR TEXT
Satoru Oct 6 @ 9:09pm 
How on earth does anyone even think of that as a solution?? Even the old steam client had a very basic tag system. Just make an account for each account at that point 🤣
cSg|mc-Hotsauce Oct 6 @ 9:06pm 
You don't have 50 million accounts and separate them based on categories you would be better of doing in the library of one account itself? Strange... :taloslol:
cSg|mc-Hotsauce Aug 24 @ 11:01pm 
It is hella buggy, slow, heats up my phone, no log out option, tries to show the regular thread notification page and errors out and have to refresh it constantly... It's an alpha at best.
Satoru Aug 24 @ 8:54pm 
Its mostly because Apple's TestFlight only allows 10k at a time for testing
Note that's an upgrade from the previous limits of 1000 users originally.