[T-A!] Diukas.
Jonce   Panevezys, Panevezio Apskritis, Lithuania
11:09 - alien-AA- #tf2.pickup.pl: LOL
11:09 - alien-AA- #tf2.pickup.pl: ME LOVE U
11:09 - alien-AA- #tf2.pickup.pl: ME FUCKING LOVE U
11:09 - .Diukas: lol
11:09 - alien-AA- #tf2.pickup.pl: FUCKING
11:09 - alien-AA- #tf2.pickup.pl: LOVE
11:09 - alien-AA- #tf2.pickup.pl: I WILL SUCK UR DICK

PwCm JeffSter: they crushed you
PwCm JeffSter: if you want
PwCm JeffSter: get them crush back
PwCm JeffSter: write on chat but spam
PwCm JeffSter: %-s
PwCm JeffSter: just if you want fight back
PwCm JeffSter: the jews
.Diukas: thats the secret how to fight with JEWS????
.Diukas: :D
PwCm JeffSter: yes
PwCm JeffSter: :D
.Diukas: i tryed throwing money, didnt work....
PwCm JeffSter: ye
PwCm JeffSter: jews got defend for those tactics years ago
PwCm JeffSter: :D

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