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"Purchase H1Z1 recently? Refunds will be provided by Steam in accordance with its refund policy." - Steam won't give you any refunds, checked that today.

So they made the game F2P just ONE WEEK after its release, without noticing anyone. Imagine you bought it on launch, played for 2.5 hours or so. That's it, you're ♥♥♥♥ed, your 20$ are gone (and I bought it for 9.99$ when it was in Early Access).

Now they're milking it with the Freemium model, and there's already a 100$ DLC. You don't create all this in just one day or so, it was all planned. An elaborate scam. NEVER buy a game from Daybreak.
Posted March 8. Last edited March 8.
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Status: All levels beaten (including Secret ones) and All bosses defeated

Bought it on Steam sale some days ago and it already became one of my favourite games. Didn't get into Super Star Path and still lurking around Bot Vice trying to figure out if that one is up my valley, but definitely can say that Sisters is an amazing game, especially in co-op.

Extremely great looking (top notch pixel art which looks on the same level as AAA SNES games back in a day), intensely fun, well thought out and really, really polished.

The story is the weakest point though, it looks like it desperately tries to copy Disgaea, but fails miserably and misses all marks possible. The actors did a good job with that was provided to them, but hearing them reading such texts is...ehhhhh, better be skipping it.

The game has many bosses, some of which are pretty challenging. Besides taunting the player(s), they also make funny sounds when the ball hits them, most likely these will stay with you for quite a while.

Beaten in 5~ hours (before unlocking four more secret levels) and wish there was more of it. Sequel, perhaps?
Posted January 2. Last edited January 19.
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Status: Completed (Normal)

I liked the game, but when you compare its pros and cons, it's not that bright and shiny, you would get a rather mixed result.
What I didn't expect is that I would play an erotic hack'n'slash game not for the nudes and not for the gameplay, but actually for the...story! It has nothing special on that front, but I found it quite charming. It's like fairy tales and fantasy were mixed with modern things like cyborgs and lasers, there are jokes here and there (there's even a Snow White dancing and singing like Hatsune Miku). The game doesn't take itself seriously at all and some lines don't fit the character, but the story is still told in an acceptable, good way and I also didn't find any mistakes or typos. Which is also a plus, considering the game wasn't made by a Native speaker and there are many Steam hentai games available which use Google Translate translations, which is not the case here. I also really like the character art.

The game seems to be heavily influenced by Drakengard series and there's the same progression system (here you end up in the Hub area after each mission and can either change your outfit, beat a challenge or progress through the story further). The fighting system is fluid and works nicely, but it's also very primitive. There are two buttons for attacks (light and heavy) and there are NO combos to make with them. However, you can stun enemies by blocking their attacks at the right moment and you also have a Special attack, for which you gather energy beating the enemies.

The game runs at 60+ FPS, there were no freezes, no crashes, no bugs. I've encountered only one level design bug, there's a spot where you can see the "other" side of the location.

Now, to the cons. The level design is really, really poor. The levels are just large opean areas with nothing special on them, you proceed further collecting coins, then enemies spawn around you and get you into a magic ring and the ring won't disappear until you beat them all. You beat them, proceed further, meet a boss in the end, which have about the same attacks and always the same pattern (except the last ones) and can be quickly beaten with a Special attack. And it's the same thing for the whole game ~~ which is not very long ~~ but it still can get very old pretty quick. I also wouldn't say that the game was challenging anyhow on Normal, except the Robert boss or the episode when you need to defeat Snow White being one hit away from dying.

Sound mixing is also poor, some sounds are extremely silent (coin collecting), while other sounds are extremely loud (beating enemies, the sound of victory after completing the level). There is also no sound for the footsteps.
Music is nice, but it's all coming from the Unity store (except the Snow White song, of course). Same goes for the many models and sounds. Which is not a bad thing if used nicely, but must be mentioned.

The price seems to be too high for me, but there are also many Challenges and Hard mode.
As for the 18+ patch, it only adds only a couple of naked outfits (which will show only t/its), didn't encounter any sex during the gameplay or in the story, so the game is quite dissapointing on that front. There is, however, a room with some BDSM machines (which are being used by bosses while you fight them), but it's still a very light stuff.

Sasha Darko for Game Obscura
Posted October 10, 2017. Last edited October 10, 2017.
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Early Access Review
It's a good, polished "Battle Royal style" survival game. Don't mind the reviews and try it out for yourself, remember that you can refund if you played for less than 2 hours.

I bought it about a year ago for almost a full price (with 10% discount), the game significantly changed since then, not for the better at first, but now I look at and can say I actually like the changes. Melee doesn't feel clumsy anymore and you can see how much damage you make in numbers. The graphics got better and there are many new GUI elements. They've also added the Tutorial, which is fast and informative. And the second map, yes. Other games of this type have only one.

One huge problem is the lack of playerbase and overall Queue thing. Just today there was just 2 players online in Europe. Some hours later, it's 18 (it's when I was able to play). Some time later after that it's 247 (!). WTF? Even then, you still wait for 10+ minutes in the Queue and nothing. You start a lobby, there are 16 queued players and you get no one. It really needs a Server Browser.
Posted September 25, 2017. Last edited September 25, 2017.
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A truly great, meditative and mesmerizing puzzle game with a touch of HOG. It feels like a top-tier indie, very polished, aside from a couple of technical cons (see below). While the first puzzles are pretty easy, the rest are really tricky and most likely will crack your brain up, especially the secret ones. Yes, aside from the main levels, there are also secret levels which you unlock. The game has its own world and lore, which is presented in an interesting and atmospheric way.

Overall the game is quite an achievement, considering it's a debut project from the 2-man studio.

Some techinical cons so far:
1) Achievements will pop up only after you quit the game (improper implementation of Steam SDK)
2) In-game options redirect you to the launcher, not sure why they are there at all then
3) You need to change your desktop resolution to the preferable game resolution before starting (i.e. if you desktop is 960p and the game is set to 1080p in the launcher, then you won't even the see main menu GUI)

No crashes, no freezes whatsoever, optimized perfectly as well.

Sasha Darko for Game Obscura
Posted September 17, 2017. Last edited September 17, 2017.
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A really fun fast-paced multiplayer TPS which I barely can say anything bad about except that there's no text chat and the cover system can be really cumbersome. It plays fine with keyboard + mouse and I didn't encounter any bugs nor crashes. It has smooth framerate and overall feels like a polished game.

However, it is overpriced and there are not a lot people playing it even now after HB, at 15$ it'd have more chances.

It's current rating on Steam it's a great example of herd instinct and just shows that game rating should never be trusted. Pathetic broken games get "Very Positive" and "Overwhelmingly Positive" (especially if it's anime s/hit), while decent and great games get "Negative" and "Mixed". It's STEAM how it is.
Posted July 15, 2017. Last edited July 15, 2017.
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It's a free flash game with stolen graphics from Daze Before Christmas game:

Which surely made its way on Steam and now it's paid and no, the sprites weren't replaced. It's been half a year since release, but it's still on sale and Valve doesn't give a f/ck.

And the logo is made using the free logo generator website. The lowest kind of shovelware.
Posted June 16, 2017. Last edited June 16, 2017.
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An absolutely wonderful game. Not a fun of puzzle games, but this one hooked me up. If you're a fan of abstract art, demoscene, 80s music / style and lo-fi, then it's a must-have.

Technical cons: no brightness settings (the factories can be pretty dark and I couldn't find one of the tapes without a walkthrough because it was hidden in the darkness) and the game can't handle Alt+Tab, switching will f/ck up the position of your cursor in the game until you restart it. If you stumbled on something, the only solution is to watch some walkthrough video on Steam via Shift+Tab.

Got in Humble Bundle.
Posted June 12, 2017. Last edited June 12, 2017.
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Criminally underrated.

The premise is incredibly dumb, but the story itself is OK and presented very well. Cutscenes are also top-notch and these character animations add to the atmosphere. Speaking of which, the atmosphere is the most great thing about this game. You really feel like a resistance fighter surviving in the somewhat post-apocalyptic environments (just replace Koreans with Terminators and you'll get the best Terminator game ever). These environments are also well designed and detailed, have a ton of variety in them as well.

I've completed the game before they released the 3rd DLC with the new patch (the one which also removed Denuvo) and it still had some bugs, not really critical, but I actually couldn't even exit the game without Alt+F4, the option never appeared most of the time. But after the final patch it was fixed, as well many other things.
So the developers didn't just abandon the game, they actually fixed it. I also bought it for a huge discount along with the Season Pass before the release of 3rd DLC which looked like just a promise at that time, but they actually developed and released it, despite having obvious problems with the studio itself. It was great and it had no bugs.

The multiplayer is also pretty great, IIRC I've completed all the maps available and wanted more after that. It's a fun co-op experience.

Overall I like it much, much more than new Far Cry games.
Posted May 14, 2017. Last edited May 14, 2017.
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81.3 hrs on record
The GOTY 2016 for me and just as good as Human Revolution, if not better. Spent about 57 (!!!) hours to beat the main campaign and I'm not even a completionist (in the end I was still missing three Breach software pieces and many Triangle codes). I've completed all side quests and played stealth-only without killing anyone. I wanted to see every location and wanted to uncover any hidden things (hacked almost everything, read almost all notes, etc.). There are secrets everywhere with every step you make and stealth gameplay is really satisfying. The dialogues are smart (as always), voice acting is top notch and level design is excellent.

This video from Rageaholic explains and shows with proofs the hypocrisy of those who say that the ending was abrupt:
The ending is not abrupt and there's also an additional video after the credits. BUT the results of the side quests you did are really presented as a Picus News episode. It would be better to see them as cutscenes (like Samizdat standing on the Paris streets or something if you chose to help them), but it seems Square Enix cut the funding for this. Just doesn't feel the way it was supposed to be like that.

The only true big things you'd read there are:

1) "Desperate Measures" literally screams "cut content" and was removed from the main game in a most awkward fashion. I didn't play System Rift, but it looks like it was cut, too. A Criminal Past is obviously NOT a cut piece.

2) Optimization is mediocre at best. The game doesn't look "next-gen" no matter how you look at it, animations are very dated (but I like them this way), AI is poor. Loading times are reeeally long and the main hub is divided in two parts. It feels like Human Revolution with better graphics. In-game physics can be very glitchy and the game simply works much, much better in the closed locations like G.A.R.M. Facility. That being said, all locations are extremely detailed and there are lots of interactive objects.

The game also crashed for me 2 or 3 times without being Alt+Tabbed. If I Alt+Tabbed the game and opened a browser, it always led to the game crash. I have 12gb of RAM, some people say the game uses up to 11.7 GB of RAM.

Breach is actually great and there's a lot of work put into it, but it also would be so MUCH better without all these timers, challenge between players, etc. like it was in the game with the Miller mission.
Posted February 20, 2017. Last edited April 12.
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