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Tweety Oct 18 @ 12:38pm 
add me pls
Bounter Oct 8 @ 2:08pm 
+rep Has a cute dog
Concussion Oct 6 @ 8:29am 
Adding you because you are one of my favorite tf2 youtubers
Dark Oct 1 @ 11:26pm 
Add you because im fan xd
[YF] Sep 27 @ 3:22am 
Hi i would like to use your services to trade with someone
NotDominic :3 Sep 20 @ 5:24am 
i got scammed by prof parker, he is a middleman on r/csdota2tradings he shouldn't be a moderator on reddit, pls dm me i have proof
♥Napalm♥ Sep 12 @ 4:02pm 
You probably don’t remember me sarge, but I’m just dropping by to say hello
hehe lft high invite Aug 29 @ 3:38pm 
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Inferno Aug 28 @ 1:37pm 
you have me added on discord
dexless Aug 24 @ 11:27pm 
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Lalatina Aug 17 @ 2:22am 
Sniffer Aug 8 @ 2:19pm 
You selling your rack
Pluviophile Aug 6 @ 9:55pm 
I got scamed on middlemancsgo, plz add me and help the community to not fall to traps.
Meco Jul 20 @ 10:38pm 
paria Jul 12 @ 5:48am 
added for mm
🐒☞ßhþlêå§ê Jul 10 @ 12:45am 
Hey man i got Scammed by Reptar took my whole inventory out saying that he;s a middle man, he shouldnt be on reddit moderator
peromar64 Jul 7 @ 9:59am 
Hello! Checking to see if you could help me out as a Middleman. Thanks!
QWVR Jun 29 @ 3:43am 
Hey bro I got scammed by crownless (one of the moderators on r/RedditSteamTrade/) I have screen captures as proof. Please dm me, the dude shouldnt be a moderator on the subreddit
La Vista CS.MONEY Jun 10 @ 4:05am 
ADDED TO REPORT some georgian been trying to scam me and i am just entertaining them to help the community to not fall for these traps.
twitch.tv/truesargent Jun 1 @ 9:03am 
I'm not interested, sorry.
Crewmate High Ground Guy May 28 @ 12:25am 
Hey man, i was the dude in comp can you accept please?
Katy Perry But Black May 27 @ 12:04pm 
was recently scammed by someone who was a middleman on csdota2tradings
SOMEGUYMIKEY May 19 @ 8:08pm 
i was scammed by Rubble on https://www.reddit.com/r/RedditSteamTrade
miko May 12 @ 3:35pm 
i got scammed on my flip knife fade FN at that site
miko May 12 @ 3:35pm 
dont trade this guy if your from CSDota2tradings, thats a scammer web
Samuel Zito May 10 @ 9:15pm 
saw you from twitch and needed to have a talk with you:) thanks!
Parkinsons Aim May 7 @ 10:28am 
need a middleman found you on https://www.reddit.com/r/CSDota2tradings/
g1ffy May 7 @ 1:28am 
saw your ttv
29_Moe May 2 @ 3:46pm 
hi i was woundering if we can make a video colab
I'm bad cs.money May 2 @ 3:17am 
Adding as i need a middle man to help sell my csgo skins for real money and am looking for someone to help with that, trade will be worth just over $1000.
The Disaster Apr 25 @ 1:16pm 
want to talk about something from reddit community, add
Goldeneyes Apr 22 @ 3:34pm 
Removed everyone on my friends list over the leak scare, adding everyone back!
Dark Apr 2 @ 9:48pm 
adding for middleman service
Striker | No Sound Apr 1 @ 4:51pm 
original post there: Hi, i got my hands on a Level 0 Doubelspelled (Team Spirit Footprints + Spectral Spectrum) Tyrants Helm. its 1 of 3 Spelled Level 0 Tyrants and the other two are with collectors. Would that be of interest to Shadows? I have more level 0s but those are unspelled.
Striker | No Sound Apr 1 @ 4:49pm 
Added cause of your group "items shadwos could like"
charmander Mar 28 @ 2:12am 
a true gamer
ItzRedge Mar 23 @ 7:55am 
hey can you add me for a deal?
q_roc Mar 15 @ 9:48am 
middleman pls
Raw Sauce Mar 11 @ 4:19am 
listed as a middleman on a scam subreddit
Hoshino Mar 5 @ 12:40am 
regarding 1 specific mm
Hoshino Mar 5 @ 12:38am 
add please, i need to ask a question
Jacket Mar 3 @ 10:14am 
you can sign my profile ?
Phyes Feb 29 @ 11:33am 
very cool and epic
Phyes Feb 29 @ 11:33am 
sarge the middleman
Chip "The AWP" Feb 29 @ 5:33am 
Need a middleman selling a knife
c0zy Feb 25 @ 9:39pm 
i have a knife i want to sell.
first timer.
twitch.tv/truesargent Feb 23 @ 2:07pm 
Scroll down, no middleman work for me or the community I work for
Lyr Feb 20 @ 2:33am 
added to discuss about one of the other middlemen on redditsteam trade
twitch.tv/truesargent Feb 19 @ 5:52am 
I nor Skial work with or hire any middlemen or redditsteam trade
yeetus. Feb 19 @ 12:56am 
added to discuss about one of the other middlemen on redditsteam trade