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Posted: Jun 1, 2017 @ 12:56pm

I give it 8/10

Great fun, would highly recommend it to those gamers looking for something a little different from the normal FPS games. However the game doesn't come without its downsides which I do hope the developer addressing in future updates such as the lack of customised control features & limited long term gameplay.

Positive points:
1. Concept is great although very similar to Dead By Daylight.
2. Jason animations are super & you do feel as if you are at Camp Crystal Lake from the original horror films.
3. Great game to play with friend on a Saturday night without all the stress of competitive play, just buckets of fun.
4. The 3D world & graphics are decent & up to today's standards.
5. The upgrades keep you playing for the time being.

Negative points:
1. No ability to customise your controls.
2. Just the 3 maps, this may change but for now it's a little repetitive.
3. Games like this after a whilst can becoming boring quickly, I hope the developer keeps adding new features to keep the game live.
4. Not fully convinced the game balance of Jason over the counsellors is right, Jason seems to be 'overpowered' in my view and I question whether you stand any real chance of hiding under beds or in cupboards when he seems to be able to locate you within seconds by his sense. Even if you do get caught & manage to escape you can't out run him & your only hope is to hop in & out of windows all night long hoping the clock runs down. I would love to see the hiding & fear factor play out more.

It will be interesting to see whether this game or Dead By Daylight ends up winning the battle of the best horror survival game. Although Dead By Daylight is far more polished & I feel has greater fear factor Friday 13th has the legend of horror himself and that alone scores a big hit until Freddy is released!

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