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Unlocked Apr 16, 2014 @ 4:15am

Last Second Kill

Kill an enemy in the last second before it enters the colony.

Sole Survivor

Beat a level with one colonist left.

Size Makes a Difference

Build 20 level three turrets.
0 / 20

Kitchen Sink

Apply fire, EMP, radiation, slow goo, and gas to one enemy.


Apply speed, crit, and range buffs to one turret.


Sell 1000 mass of turrets in a single game.
36 / 1,000

Assembly Line

Build 100 of one kind of level 1 turret.
65 / 100

Equal Opportunity Constructor

Build and fully upgrade every turret.
12 / 64

Orbital Bombardment

Use every orbital support.
7 / 19


Beat the campaign.
2 / 20

Slade's Legion

Achieve victory on at least one campaign level with each officer.
1 / 10

Single Handed

Achieve victory on all campaign levels with one officer.
2 / 20

Veni vidi vici

Beat all levels on intense.
0 / 20

One Man Army

Complete a four player Coop level alone.

No 'I' in 'Team'

Complete a Coop level with at least 3 people.

Photo Finish

Beat someone by one life.


Win a game of Wars.

Fleet Officer

Host 10 complete games of Sol Survivor multiplayer.
0 / 10

Waste No Time

Win a Wars game before first escalation.


Beat a player who has a more advanced escalation turret.

Unleash the Horde

Send 30 creeps in under 10 seconds in Wars.
0 / 30


Complete all level badges.
2 / 125


Complete all officer badges.
0 / 30


Complete all turret badges.
3 / 78


Complete all support badges.
0 / 57


Complete all creep badges.
4 / 78