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lovely things people have said to me in the past:

BOT Hugh‎ : I don't care, pedo weeb
BOT Hugh‎ : all weebs report to the gas chambers
BOT Hugh‎ : your mum didn't drop you on your head nearly enough, sandu

L9 trbay : you weebfag go back to your inbred family and make more inbred fucktards like you
L9 trbay : actually dont
L9 trbay : now i hope you and whoever created you get shot before you make more of you degenerates

*DEAD* edgy no name : slit your wrists toxic weeb fuck

*DEAD* opill9meister CS.MONEY‎ : AHHAHAHA
*DEAD* opill9meister CS.MONEY‎ : n1 pref weeb faggot

*DEAD* jinx it: these fucking weeaboos man i swear to god they all cheat

*DEAD* daddy: weeb fuck kys


*DEAD* Esipt : son of a bitch i fk ur mom now

*DEAD* kelz : ur mom dog

*DEAD* CanYouSmokeIt? : omg
*DEAD* CanYouSmokeIt? : only headshoot

*DEAD* : only hs
*DEAD* : wait vac
*DEAD* : fucking idiot

*DEAD* i wont losstrik‎ : yep
*DEAD* i wont losstrik‎ : you vac will
s a n d u‎ : XD
*DEAD* Chaoticus‎ : i think so too

*DEAD* CAPITAL BRA : fuck your dead stupid mother
s a n d u : XD?

*DEAD* mERZKIY : bunny jump with shotgun
*DEAD* mERZKIY : all game
*DEAD* mERZKIY : 0 iq

*DEAD* Yuki-chan? : report!

*DEAD* Knubbel : shut up you motherfucker cheater kid
*DEAD* Knubbel : trash account bye bye account du hurensohn hacker

*DEAD* Tobi : nice hax ;) go delete PLS

rhodYY : you pedophile
rhodYY : fuckin child molestor
rhodYY : u are legit
rhodYY : a subhuman
rhodYY : unworthy of oxygen
rhodYY : little kid cock sucker

amï† : ur settings are too low
amï† : go spin bot

*DEAD* *don't hate the* player‎ : nice no smoke cheat idiot

*DEAD* Handi : off soft
s a n d u : lad
s a n d u : we're smurfs
s a n d u : not cheaters
Handi : off soft pls
s a n d u : ?
fataleD. : soft aim?

*DEAD* C.H.A.D.A : nice hacks
*DEAD* s a n d u : whos hacking
*DEAD* s a n d u : enlighten me
*DEAD* C.H.A.D.A : you
*DEAD* s a n d u : rofl

Majestic : sandu
s a n d u : what
Majestic : piece of shit
s a n d u : XD
Majestic : you never tilt me
s a n d u : sure i dont

*DEAD* CanYouSmokeIt : derankers
s a n d u : ?
CanYouSmokeIt : hax off plz
s a n d u : XD?

*DEAD* CanYouSmokeIt? : ????
*DEAD* CanYouSmokeIt? : ????
*DEAD* CanYouSmokeIt? : ????
MarJinAL? : bb accs mtfuckers

*DEAD* fpz =DDD : learn to play without cheats

*DEAD* muRa : Full blind
*DEAD* mixxxx1g : OH SURE
*DEAD* mixxxx1g : yeye
*DEAD* Whiffmeister : wow nice
s a n d u #loligang : XD
*DEAD* Jakub : ok
*DEAD* Jakub : xddd
*DEAD* Whiffmeister : wtf is that
*DEAD* Whiffmeister : legit
*DEAD* Jakub : 100%
*DEAD*Jakub : aimbot works
*DEAD*Jakub : i see
s a n d u #loligang : it does
s a n d u #loligang : XD
*DEAD* Jakub : just kill aimboter
*DEAD* Jakub : and we win
s a n d u : XD

Mikasa : sandu
Mikasa : i played with u before
Mikasa : are u still deranking?
s a n d u : y e s
Mikasa : what u rank in this time?
s a n d u : XD

kalmaRRR : fuck this weeb
kalmaRRR : he join lobbys and says he is smurf but trolls ingame :(

the 3 piggies : you guys suck XD
About to make Mayo o o o : dude stfu who are u even talking to nobody cares avout the 6 frag low idiot
s a n d u #loligang : I see ure so tilted from my 46 frags that you feel obliged to bully other people to feel better
s a n d u #loligang : XDDDDD
About to make Mayo o o o : very funny yes
About to make Mayo o o o : i cry tears of laughter
s a n d u #loligang : DONT BE MAD MAAAN
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Everything you need to know about me
▶ been playin' cs for 14 years.
▶ been bhopping for 9 years.
▶ been playing a LOT of cs_office for 6 years.
▶ been faceit lvl 10 once but active map pool is boring, office is fun.
▶ tryharding is boring, playing overly aggressive and getting bhop frags is fun.

Shit I couldn't agree more with
:blackball: "And it was at this time that I called this Malphite a fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate he is. *BANNED*. Now, there is so much wrong with this. First, why am I being banned for talking shit in a video game? I can understand being banned for cheating or going AFK a bunch of times or picking Orianna AD Carry or feeding on purpose. But talking shit to some guy who is a total dumbass? What is this, fucking pussy-ass baby pre-school time? Talking shit is probably one of the only fun parts of this boring-ass game. I might as well just play the bots if you want people to act like robots Riot." - Dunkey

:blackball: All my Settings [gist.github.com]

how to have fun
cl_bobamt_lat 5;
cl_bobamt_vert 5;
viewmodel_offset_z 3;

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