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Oh Hey, you decided to check out my profile? well i welcome you, this is the profile of a creature of darkness, most importantly, a Kitsune Samurai, i dont have much to say other than that. i was an EX-RP fanatic, but now i reserve myself to my lover for that matter, so yeah, welcome and i hope that we can be good Friends.

I support furries and bronies, they are cool in my book

Have Some info of what my RP Character was, if you are interesed in using it as a character of your own for a RP server or to RP with someone, contact me first alright?

Bday: 3 of July

Species: Okami, Kitsune, Neko, Demon, Angel, Bunny, Multi Dragon, Multi Phoenix Hybrid
Wings: Yes; 4 pairs, angel ones, demon ones, dragon ones and phoenix ones
Age: Over 10.000.000 years!? but looks 18
Blood Type: Godly O
Height: Can be any height bc magic
Eye color: Yin Yang?, Flames when angry.
Hair color: Neon Light Blue
Tails: 13: a Neko one, 9 Kitsune one, a Demon one, an Okami one and a dragon one also a bunny one.
Scars: Left ear cutted, lots on the arms, back, chest and legs
Clothes: Hoodie, black tank top, shorts, sneakers with pink socks (not ashamed of the socks), sometimes a wierd kimono
Job: Warrior and Archer (hidden god)
Actitude: Quiet,Shy (sometimes) and Determined
Likes: Being petted, Shy pleople, Japan, Huggles and Cuddles
Dislikes: Liers, BAKAS and mockers
Hates: Dad
Relationship: Ask i will tell you if i trust you
Soul: Pink, if destroyed a Fire Soul replaces it and my Special Atacks triggers, if that soul is destroyed a Purple Fire one appears and thats when i become Verserk.
Special atack: Rage Overdose.
History: I was in the Royal Family of a Kitsune village my dad was an asshole so i escaped i wandered around and i avoided everyone until i was 20 years then i decided to make some friends but i got betrayed by some of them and i died 4 years later a necromancer revived me as a zombie and i ate him, then i met Nightwing a reaper demon and the next day of meeting her i wasent a zombie anymore i dont know what happend but im happy. After a while i found an Okami temple, explored it and something happend that made me part Okami, after another while the same happend with a Neko temple, my demon part has been always with me and the angel one i gained it.
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RP Characters apart from my main that you can consult to use if wanted
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Species: Glitch, human, albino bat
Wings: bat wings
Age: 21
Blood type: Special
Height: 5'8
Eye color: bat eyes
Hair color: white
Tail: wierd tail made out of glitches and errors.
Scars: Cross scar on the face (BIG)
Clothes: Dark red shirt, Black hoodie, Dark green boxers, Dark blue jeans, black sneakers with white socks, Ushanka hat.
Accesories: Bear tooth collar, titanium ring (goverment gift)
Job: Butler, Bodyguard, Chef. (for hire)
Actitude: secure, joyfull, funny, friendly.
Likes: Wing rubs, being told he is doing a good job, BUTTS.
Dislikes and Hates: Any kind of bad people. (Selfish, mean, etc.)
Relationship: Single
History: Teck came from a lab in the middle of nowhere in Russia, the lab was running an experiment when something went wrong, a misterious portal opened up and an albino bat came fliying throught it then it turned into a human hybrid, the lab studied him, runned experiments on him then setted him free, he still visits the lab since he takes the workers as his family.

Gender: Female
Species: Neko, Hunter (L4D2)
Age: 21
Blood Type: Infected.
Height: About 5'5
Eye color: Left: Emerald green. Right: Ambar. both glow in the dark if she wants them to
Hair color: Black
scars: a cut on her left cheeck and a shot scar on her stomach
Clothes: Blue hoodie, Brown pants, bandages around her breasts and some on her sleeves
Accesories: Fingerless gloves, a heart necklace and a white choker
Cup Size: C+
Actitude: Shy, playful, full of energy.
Likes: Pats and Pets, Parkour, Pouncing from a very high place
Dislikes: Being shot at.
Relationship: Single.
History: She was a normal hunter, jumping around the city, she then found a group of survivors,
she fell in love with a guy of the group, sadly, she had to watch as other special infected killed him,
as she was pouncing away crying, she fell into toxic waste, thats what gave her the neko ears
and tail, now she roams around, helping any survivor she sees, she cant talk btw.

Gender: Male
Species: Human, Ovbiously Gecko, has a bit of Hunter (l4d) blood in his DNA
Age: 19
Blood type: Cold blood
Height: 6'4
Eye color: Fury Red
Hair color: Blue
Scars: Alot on his tail, chest and face
Clothes: Jeans and an open jacket with a hoodie.
Accesories: Platinum ring with an emerald
Actitude: Protective, not very talkative, hard type
Likes: Silence, Feelings and cute people
Dislikes: Alot of things that cant be said
Relationship: Single.
History: No one knows very much about Gecko, its just knowed that he once was a normal Gecko.

Avora (Metal Slug OC):
Gender: Controlable Futa (can control if she has a dick or not, but permanently has a pussy)
Species: Human, Hidden Demon and Butterfly. (plus fox tail)
Age: 17
Blood Type: Demoniac A+
Height: 5'8
Hair color: Soft Magenta
Eye color: Strong Cyan
Scars: Just a birthmark: is a huge X symbol on her back and chest
Clothes: School girl clothes (normally), Rebel clothes or Army clothes (special occasions)
Sleeveless jacket, Baseball Cap, Yellow shirt, Camo shorts (Flora), Pink socks and Black shoes (After "school")
Cup size: DD's-
Actitude: Quiet, Confident and strict (school). Playfull, Cheerfull, active, confident, laidback and punny
Likes: Petplay (dom, rarely sub), Videogames, Guns, Robotics, Aliens, parades, music (any type except Trap, Reggae (can tolerate some tho))
Dislikes: Mean people, Bad losers, Teabaggers (in videogames) and Disobedient Soldiers
Relationship: More single than simple 1 cell organism
Weapons: The Reaper Rocket Launcher, Lazer Dagger and Lugger P08
History: The child of the forbbiden love between Trevor Spacey and Abigail, the birth of this child ended the war between the Rebels and the
Regular Army, they allied up against the other 3 factions that threatened the world, Morden, thanks to this new aliance was named president
and now he takes good care of the country, but that does not mean that he is a coward, Avora goes to a normal school, but is often seen at
the military HQ's to see her mom and dad and all of her friends, like her aunt Beatriz, she is specialized in close and medium range combat
and her debastating "Reaper" can make any enemy run away or explode in millions of pieces. just as her mother, she is a butterfly hybrid and
a demon thanks to her dad, the fox tail came from an experiment she offered to.

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