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Posted: Jul 2, 2016 @ 3:54pm

Good Survival & Raiding game to play with friends! :)
Would recommend this game for others who like Survival & Raiding

Rating: 10/10
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Samiv -_- | GAMDOM.COM Dec 1, 2016 @ 12:05am 
Get rekt
jake Nov 30, 2016 @ 4:06pm 
the guy who hacked in an easy game is calling me a 12 year old lol
Samiv -_- | GAMDOM.COM Nov 30, 2016 @ 4:01pm 
I see that you are 12 years old kid or just bimbo and dont know anything about EAC or what does it even mean, why you come here crying when you dont even know what i am talking about lmao gg m8 r8 8/8 wp hf:csgoa:
jake Nov 30, 2016 @ 4:00pm 
Clearly have otherwise you wouldn't have been eac banned...lmao
Samiv -_- | GAMDOM.COM Nov 30, 2016 @ 3:51pm 
when talking about easy anti-cheat its not as good as VAC anticheat.
Never know about that one because the games uses bad EAC.
But i know i havent hacked thats it :)
jake Nov 30, 2016 @ 11:57am 
Clearly you did or you wouldn't have been banned lol hacking in any game no matter what is scummy
Samiv -_- | GAMDOM.COM Nov 30, 2016 @ 11:52am 
atleast i didnt hack in this game :P if you ment that idk but good for you m8 r8 8/8
jake Nov 30, 2016 @ 11:46am 
Yeh...a big enough fan to hack gj mate
Samiv -_- | GAMDOM.COM Nov 30, 2016 @ 11:35am 
Not really ATLEAST 20% of real gaming community has hacked atleast in one game, it feels nice to know if you have hacker against your team or just know what hacks are.
But that doesnt mean i could get banned for no reason even though you dont trust me, i didnt hack i am huge fan of the game dont have any reason to hack on my account with huge amount of games & steam level & csgo skins 400$ etc ZERO vacs..
jake Nov 30, 2016 @ 7:49am 
Samiv mate if you've hacked on any online game it's pretty scummy tbh