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Can merc Spy from Mid to Div1

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You have no reason to care what I think of you and I have no reason to care what you think of me. We both play TF2 to escape the hell called life, so it doesn't make sense for you to take out your frustration on me, or anyone else for that matter. You don't know anything about other people. That being said, you also have no reason to compare yourself to other people. Letting go of your ego is one of the keys to success.
I kindly ask you to keep this mindset and to share it with others. Thanks and take care.
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he posts cringe watch out
Goldin Sep 17 @ 1:36pm 
Send an offer and I'll wrap it for you
barthiz Sep 17 @ 10:22am 
swipez Sep 17 @ 6:12am 
Sure, I can sign on 19th September! :)
Chocc Sep 13 @ 7:23am 
Im good man but thanks for the offer
TAKASU 悲し Sep 10 @ 1:33pm 
U are so good in Euro Truck Simulator pls teach me:cocochan2: