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I delete people I dont speak to, add me back if you want anything

👀 . . . . . i dont trade dont ask me to trade

The monitor is the one you find on the curb after the businessman on your street vanishes one day, and the graphics card is the one covered in red-and-black "GAMING" cruft made by the scam artists with the very cleverly cropped bar-graphs, which typically fails much sooner because some shiteater engineer decides to use an untested lead-free solder to make the BGA, which is not exposed to the public until three years later.

0:30 - Judg33: i tought we had a player called sandbagging xD

chemillas: que **** sobnormales son

Røldalsvatnet: mi madre decía que las consolas eran una mierda que me atontaban la mente
Røldalsvatnet: y va y me compra un ordenador, manda huevos asi es la vida

0:45 - Neeeiks: el google viene instalado?

peksi: fighting games are like i dont know
peksi: mge
peksi: on flat ground

*DEAD* CHRISTIANITY : this percebe guy

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:raptor: Season 19 Div 6 - Lost and Found | 2nd
:spain_icon: Season 20 Open - No Name Team | Folded
:raptor: Season 22 Mid - Smooth Operators
:raptor: Season 23 Open & UGC Gold - Vertigo
:raptor: Season 24 Open - fragging for ramadan | Playoffs
:raptor: Season 26 Mid - We don't care
:raptor: Season 28 Mid - Drunken Pandas
:sticky: Season 29 Mid - King Trump


:rl: RGC Torneo Publico Comunidad Española 2013 - Retrovert
:spain_icon: TF2C Archimedes Cup - TEAM NOOB
:raptor: Reyes Magos de Australia - Scout 1v1 - 2nd
:medic: ETF2L Fresh Meat Challenge - mix*es2017
:spain_icon: Faceit Week #1 Friday Cup - mix*es2017 - 1st
:sticky: UGC Europe - 6v6 Season 26 - COÑOTECH
:raptor: EU Prolander One Day Cup - Whoa-lander
:medic: Beater's New Map Cup - mix*es2017
Gabol May 21 @ 5:32pm 
kravech Apr 28 @ 10:11am 
meet ur map cup
someone be my e-therapist Apr 23 @ 4:23am 
cool guy i rate 10
seeds Apr 21 @ 3:43pm 
no worries!! :grheart:
sage Apr 21 @ 1:46pm 
was probably me when i cleaned my friendlist
i have like 80 people i dont speak with now again anyway >_<
seeds Apr 21 @ 1:21pm 
did i remove you or did you remove me :0