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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:01am

Knight's Glory

Lady Knight clears stage(Normal)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 9:00pm

Devout Heart

Nun clears stage(Normal)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 7:08pm

Potions of Wonders

Apothecary clears stage(Normal)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 7:46pm

Great Magic

Magician clears stage(Normal)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:39am

Drunken Stupor

Forget cards 6 times
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 5:50am

Card Trade

Trade with the adventure Card Collector 2 times
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:00am

Taste Master

Try the Witch Apothecary's potion 5 times
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 5:50am

Witch Trade

Eat the apple and collect the Witch's rewards
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 10:27am

Shop Regular

Buy 20 cards from the shop
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:41pm


Spend total 2000 Gold
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 8:20am


Gain total 2000 mana
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 9:38am


Deal total 20,000 damage
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 11:29pm

Card Connoisseur

Get total 500 cards
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 12:09am

Like the Wind

Ranger clears stage(Normal)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 5:42am

Heart of Iron

Upgrade card 6 times
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 7:21am

Brave Advance

Defeated total 100 people
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:00am

A brave heart

Defeat a boss with level higher than your's.
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 9:35am

A close call

Defeat any boss when you have only 1 health
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:24am

Not a scratch

Defeat any boss when you have full health
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:24am

Quick solution

Defeat any boss in the first turn
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 7:32am


Have more than 200 armor in a combat
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 5:45am


Deal single damage to 200
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:20am


Use at least 30 cards in one turn
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 5:54am

Stand of Arms

Equip no less than 7 equipments
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:20am

21 points

Use spell card 21 times in a turn
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 9:49am

A Snap

Exile 20 cards in a combat
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 8:48am

Toy Knight

Clears stage with Sleeping Wind Knight(Hard)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 8:19am

Master Apprentice

Clears stage with Witch's Broom(Hard)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 10:25am

Cordon Bleu

Clears stage with Selected Recipes(Hard)
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 10:10am

Cuisine Duel

Defeat the fat devil with Selected Recipes
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 7:25am

Horsemen of Apocalypse

Equip 4 Wind Knights
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 6:24am

Vampire Castle

Defeat the Vampire Lord on the first turn

True Knight glory

Lady Knight clears stage(Hard VII)

Magic Mastery

Little Witch clears stage(Normal)

True mastery of magic

Little Witch clears stage(Hard VII)

Faster and faster

Ranger clears stage(Hard VII)

True and pious heart

Nun clears stage(Hard VII)

True Potions of Wonders

Apothecary clears stage(Hard VII)

True great magic

Magician clears stage(Hard VII)

Expose Truth

Defeat mystery man


Werewolf clears stage(Normal)

True Dilemma

Werewolf clears stage(Hard VII)

I Want All

Do not skip any box and conquer the game

breaking Dawn

Defeat Perist in the first turn


Conquer the game by deck with no more than 10 cards

The Weak Body

Sum of Poisoned/Chilled/ Burn/Stuck reaches 999


Defeat grandma in the first turn


Maximum health reaches 130 (out of combat)

Secret Weapons

Clears stage with Fatal Fork(Hard)

Racing Competition

Clears stage with Mechanical Fist(Hard)

Agents of Storm

Clears stage with Hurricane Staff(Hard)

Icy Flame

Clears stage with Ice Torch(Hard)


Clears stage with Blend Beaker(Hard)

Chemical Reconciliation

Clears stage with (Hard)

Hit on What One Likes

Defeat drunk butler with Selected Recipes

Secret Confrontation

Defeat foreign assassin with Fatal Fork on the first turn

All in One Piece

Complete all puzzles