a rope enDs it

Yep, it's nothing. And it's not going to be anything, either.

I hate character limits.
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People who add me with no reasons to accept confuse me.
Read only if extreamly done with your life (?)

And I sure the hell am.

Why are you reading this?

It's pointless.

You would just save your time if you'd stop reading now.

You really are browsing just from your own curiousity, aren't you?

Death to all jews
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Mark 12:1-12

Adding dots after Whatsapp messages is considered rude and I do that every single time.


I have better things to do.

Has science gone too far left or far right?

Hello there

If you read every line so far without skipping a single line, I'm proud of you.

Even more if you are reading this again cus I changed some of the lines.

Did you know that 9/11 Finns suffer from crippling depression?

And are all desperate for recognition from abroad?


How do you live alone?

Sorting my 19000 Undertale-images pls send help.

Not to include the new 20000 Overwatch pics, 10000 DDLC pics and bout 30000 anime tiddies

The machine is the shit.

Overwatch isn't going to kill tf2.

Play of the Game:

Desperation as
Wrecking Ball

As it turns out, I main Mercy, Junkrat and Torbjörn. You know why.

Times have changed. Zenyatta, Reinhardt and Mercy are superior choises.

No I mean Roadhog


If I still have any people casually reading these texts then reply in the comment section with your favourite weapon in team defence fort two for a free jojo reference very odd edition includes full costume no banana.


I'm not paying 2 ref for a steam profile pic if I can make one by myself.

People who brag about their birthdays in their names are in my opinnion the worst type of people on Steam.

Has someone yet made a mod to Doom that replaces Doomguy as Alex jones please do that.

I prefer my Spitfire as a Horse rather than an airplane, e-shit team or especially as a beer.
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