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I've played a few games professionally. Fragging for fun.
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Speedrun PB´s and some other stuff:
Half Life (Scriptless): p.b. 37min 08s 230ms
Half Life 2 (Old Engine): p.b. 1h 6min 34s 050ms
Half Life 2 (New Engine): p.b.1h 24min 56s 170ms
Portal (Glitchless): p.b. 19min 4s 360ms
Portal (Out of Bounds): p.b. 9min 21s 450ms

1024x768 @144hz 4:3 - XF270HUA
800dpi @0.85 ingame
Banterboi Dec 10 @ 6:25am 
bottomfragger he says. i topfragged ur ♥♥♥ until you started getting even more obvious in the 2nd halftime. Imagine cheating in cs and trying bs like this
rad1cal Dec 8 @ 10:18am 
This bottomfragger ragequitted, because he was so bad.
the_w0rst Dec 8 @ 10:16am 
loser loses and goes offline mad
Dolpan Dec 8 @ 10:16am 
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rad1cal Dec 8 @ 10:16am 
坦Mianty Dec 8 @ 6:58am 
Give me signed pls, bruh:speechless: