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The game is rough and somewhat buggy (nothing major so far though).

But it's amazing.You can play any way you want. You want to roam the world? Settle down and build a city? Even found multiple colonies? Go around solo or in a small team? Lead an army? You can do all these things and more.

You have a lot of freedom in how you approach the game and set your goals (there is no "storyline" to play, you just set the starting conditions and make your own decisions). There is emergent gameplay (NPCs and animals fight in random encounters), lots of skills, a plethora of major and minor factions, a lot of technologies to unlock, everything a good sandbox needs.

The negative points are mostly about the map. The map is huge but, except for cities, ruins and mining nodes (of just 2 types and extremely abundant), there is not much to do around. There are some POIs to explore, but that's it. It feels like a giant canvas ready to be filled with adventures, but development is concluded and there's not much hope for any further improvements in that sense.

There's still a lot to do though, as even after 150hrs I've barely explored a quarter or so of the map and I'm yet to research a lot of tech.
Posted June 29, 2019.
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The game is pretty interesting, and often challenging. It is a F2P game with microtransactions, but not the usual cash grab most of F2P games have.
Stamina (the thing you consume to start battles) is decently sized and refills pretty quickly, and you keep getting elixirs (things that recharge your stamina) all the times as in-game loot or as login gift, so there is not really much artificially stopping you from playing.
You also receive summon tokens and ability tokens relatively often, so you can try your luck a couple times per month without spending and upgrade your own cards quite fast.
There is a "monthly premium" thingy as well, which gives some amazing value (summon tokens, ability tokens, extra skillseeds, and some pretty useful items), surprisingly it costs 3000 magicite and you earn about 150 a day for free with no effort, so you can keep it active just by logging and collecting it twice a day, and you have also some spare change to upgrade your inventory.

I've been playing "free" since the release, and I got pretty far in the game. There are not many games that allow you to get free "premium currency", especially not by just logging in. Of course you should not expect to compete in top ranks on the leaderboards this way, but the game is pretty enjoyable if you don't set too high expectations.
Posted March 26, 2017.
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What can I say about this game? It has interesting card mechanics, but the positive aspects stop here.

Really, the card game itself is not bad, it needs some tweaking and a much better guide/tutorial, but everything else is a mess. The interface is bad, and for some reason it doesn't run as smoothly as I'd expect from a card game where nothing is happening on screen most of the time. The color palette is... ugh! Made my eyes bleed.

It runs in 4:3, so there's a lot of things packed tight at the center of the screen, and a lot of free space around for apparently no reason.

There are no players online, so unless you have friends playing this, you will be playing against the AI only. The AI doesn't seem bad at playing, but there is no "story" (not that I'd expect Shandalar in today's online TCGs, but usually there is some sense of progression), and you'll feel like you're doing the same battle over and over again.

I'll be happy to recommend this game if the interface is reworked and some more content added, but as it is now, you'd better stay away...
Posted October 14, 2015.
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Early Access Review
I'd really like a "only on a bundle" button here, between yes and no. The game itself is not terrible, but I can really spend €5 on something i'll enjoy for a longer time.

The game is fun, for the first few minutes. But then you realize you have very few options, other than playing the same few tracks (a total of 4 tracks right now, all in the same environment, and they look and feel very similar). There appear to be 8 tracks planned per map, and 4 different maps, so a grand total of 32 tracks, but I'm just reviewing the current state of the game, hopefully that means a lot more variety and fun.

Driving is very hard, at times you will feel you have very little control on anything. Physics are weird too, on one side you have very good deformable car models, but on the other cars feel very "squishy". Slight impacts with objects can cause unproportionate amount of damage/deformation (i.e. taking a ramp slightly sideways to "flip" your car in the air can occasionally, and apparently randomly, simply make your car explode on contact).

Racing is actually the minor part of the game. The actual challenge is to explode in a spectacular way!

I'll give it a "yes" because I had fun, though it didn't last very long, but that might be mitigated in future by more tracks and stuff.
Posted October 1, 2015.
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Early Access Review
This is a game I can't really recommend. The game itself is solid, and offers good fun, at least for the first few games with bots. It has a few hiccups with graphics lag (needs some optimization probably, as I wouldn't expect that on a mid-to-high end machine like mine), but it's pretty playable in its current state.

The outlook is grim though, as it is essentially an online arena, but with pretty much nobody playing it. If the devs changed their mind and added a story mode/campaign, it could be worth its price and I'd give it a thumbs up. I'd really like to recommend it, but... as it is, it's an arena game with nobody to play with.
Posted September 21, 2015.
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Uh, this game is not everyone's cup of tea. I've played it in small bits for a little over 1hr and it's definitely a niche game. I'm giving it a "no" because I don't really understand where this game is trying to go, but if you just want to blow up stuff a couple minutes a day it's OK.

Quick to start.
Runs on a 286 (probably).

Boring after a few minutes.
Little variation, in enemies or objectives. You will be essentially doing the same thing over and over again.
Too few upgrades (if those bubbly things orbiting are indeed an upgrade, not very clear what they really do).
Posted September 16, 2015.
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