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Comment and add me if you wish to discuss the selling of GAC (Glorified Anticheat)

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Stuff for Sale (Garry's Mod)
• Nurses, Health Vials & other medical stuff | $15 | Nurses save to map, charge money for them to heal you, health vials you can store and use to heal yourself, armour vials included as well, includes configuration to disable each module.

• Sleek DarkRP Hud | $35 | Includes ammo, main HUD, time played, laws HUD, overhead display, server information and more.

• LSD System | $35 | Bucket to place ingredients, stove, effects, dealer and more.

• Weed System | $50 | Includes growing system, different models for each phases, different qualities, benefits, effects, music, selling to dealers and more.

• Banking System | $50 | Includes very sleek menu, heavy configuration, withdrawal system, deposit system, transfer system, completely custom model and much more.

• Armoury System | $75 | Heavy configuration, sleek UI, nice UI animations, custom models (including animations), different categories, different weapons, team restrictions for each weapon, a robbery system and more.

• GAC (Glorified Anticheat) | Please comment and add me to discuss the selling of this. GAC is a privately made anti-cheat which has a very low performance cost and high effective rate. It's nearly unbypassable due to it's clientsided obfuscation and serversided heartbeats and checks. It should eliminate most, if not, all cheaters on your server. It also comes with extra configurable modules, such as a smooth anti-bhop system, admin notifications, console variable manipulation, backdoor netmessage blockers, family share checkers, protection against commonly used cheat concommands, admin privileges, a custom ban system and much more.

If you wish to buy, please add me stating in my comments you wish to buy one of my products, and I will accept you and we can talk.

PC Specs
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
Intel Core i7-6800K 3.40 GHz (12 CPUs)
5 TB Total Storage
16 GB Ram
21:9 ultrawide monitor (2560x1080)
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