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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 1 @ 7:51pm

Rose Manor

Complete Chapter I.
Unlocked Jun 3 @ 7:02am

Weeping Manor

Complete Chapter II.
Unlocked Jun 3 @ 9:41pm


Examine the mirror.
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 4:51am

Pig Iron Manor

Complete Chapter III.
Unlocked Jun 5 @ 6:49am

Misty Manor

Complete Chapter IV.
Unlocked Jun 5 @ 8:59am

Reclaim Yourself

Take the first step toward uncovering the truth.
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 5:52am

The Moonlight's Spell

Complete Chapter V.
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:59am

The Maid's Tale

Complete Chapter VI.
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 10:24pm

Demon Child

Complete Chapter VII.
Unlocked Jun 7 @ 7:47pm


Complete Chapter VIII.
Unlocked Jun 7 @ 8:55pm

Fata Morgana

Complete the game.
Unlocked Jun 5 @ 1:08am

All Alone

Call for the Maid 10 times.


Take a peek behind the scenes.

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