Robben "Rusty" P.   Portugal
BeamNG Content Creator
I'm also a Gas Mask Collector IRL
RX-7 is love, RX-7 is life. (well, anything Rotary :D)
For a while i was one of the best Rocket League players in Portugal
Been a part of the Steam community since 2003

More info about my Gas Mask Collection » Here [] «

Dream Cars/Trucks
-Mazda RX Series (Every model... this is my dream car)
-Nissan Skyline (R30/R32)
-Porsche 930 Turbo (1985/1986 Model)
-Buick GNX (1986 Version)
-Toyota Corolla Trueno Apex AE86 (1986)
-Toyota Supra MK3 3.0 Turbo
-Ford F350 Dually (2003)

Favorite Game Series
Metro Series, why? It's got, honestly, the best story out of any game series.
And it fucking made me cry, that's how good it is...
-Metro 2033 (Veredict: 10/10)
-Metro Last Light (Veredict: 10/10)
-Metro Exodus (Coming Soon)

Favorite Weapons IRL
-Mosin Nagant 1891/31 (7.62mm)
-KSVK AMR (.50cal)
-SKS DMR Marksman Rifle (7.62mm)
-AS VAL/ VSS Vintorez (9.39mm SP-5/SP-6)
-AAC Honey Badger Rifle (.300 BLK)
-Glock 33 (.357 Magnum)
-M1911 Colt Pistol (.45 ACP)
-Smith & Wesson 500 (.500 Magnum)

-Chris Kyle (Sniper For the US)
-Ivan Sidorenko (Sniper For the USSR)
-Lyudmila Pavlichenko (Sniper For the USSR)

If you want to ask me something, here are my Knowledge Areas -» Cars/Trucks, Engines, Car Modifications/Tuning, Militaria/Gas Masks, Weaponry, Computers (Software and Hardware)
Main Specs
:turbocharger:ASUS B85M-G PLUS Motherboard (3.1 USB Ports Edition)
:turbocharger: I5-4440 3.3Ghz
(Soon to be an i7 4790K #PoorRyzens :steammocking:)
Raijintek Aidos Tower Cooler (soon to be a
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L)
:turbocharger: GTX 1060 MSI ARMOR (Core@2300mhz/Memory@9Ghz)
:turbocharger: 16GB RAM 1600Mhz (planned to be 32GB)
:turbocharger:1x SSD Samsung 860 Evo 500GB (System Drive; Bench: 3.087GBps)
:turbocharger:1x HDD 1TB Western Digital Blue 7200rpm (finaly got rid of that crappy Seagate :steamhappy:)
:turbocharger:1x HDD 500GB Western Digital Green
:turbocharger:1x HDD 750GB Western Digital Green
:turbocharger:1x HDD 1TB Western Digital Black
:turbocharger:NOX Urano TX850W Bronze 80+ PSU
:turbocharger:Internet Speed: ~110mbps (Cat. 5e Cables) Test:
Monitor Setup
:turbocharger:1x LG LCD 1080p (Main Monitor)
:turbocharger:1x LG LCD 720p
:turbocharger:KROM S7ven 7.1 Gaming Headset
:turbocharger:JBL Simply Cinema 5.1 Surround Sound System (For Music Mainly, 230W Sub)
:turbocharger:Keyboard: CoolerMaster MasterKeys RGB (Semi-Mechanic)
:turbocharger:Halfmann Gaming FireBreath
:turbocharger:KROM Khensu Controller
:turbocharger:Steering Wheel: Logitech Driving Force GT Special 2015 Edition (900º)
Favorite Brands
:turbocharger: ASUS, MSI, KROM, CoolerMaster, Western Digital, Logitech, NVidia and Intel (because AMD's shit).
Artwork Showcase
Retro Mazda RX-7 FD (Wallpaper Art)
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