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A proof that a game does not need "high-fidelity graphics" to be good. For, you see, once the action starts, the music kicks in and the projectiles of all sorts fly all over the place, everything else goes into the background.

DUSK is amazing. The player's movement is nice and fluid and, while it lacks the bouncy feel of Blood, it still gives you that action feel. [One thing that's a bit annoying is that after you fal from great hight, your camera does a 360 vertical loop, imitating a roll landing].

The weapons feel powerful and do feel like they have an impact. Starting from sickles and simple pistols, to all-piercing crossbow, mortar-actually-a-grenade-launcher, and riveter that fires explosive rivets... What? Oh, and the glee you get when you dual-wield shotguns... Sadly, you can only dual-wield pistols and single-barrel shotguns in this game. Not assault rifles of riverters or crossbows... But then it would've just been unfair to the enemies.

Oh, right. Enemies. Those guys are an odd bunch, but fitting, and, most importantly, make sense. Cultists and rednecks, posessed militants and scientists, living scarecrows and edritch horrors... They all fit in perfectly into the picture of a action-horror story. Emphasis on action, since horror happens... HAPPENED in the background and we're kinda following its trail. Oh, and you can start infights. Lovely little detail straight from the 90's.

The level arcitecture is straightforward, most of the time, but at some times, it is confusing, but maybe it's just me not seeing a right door right in front of me.

The music and sound... Well, as I said, weapons do have a feel of power behind them. Enemies... Well, not so much - they don't make much noise... Most of them anyway. Those who do are mostly there to either creep/hype you out before the actual encounter, or [Don't trust your eyes]

Action. Action... Look, I feel stupid trying to explain action of DUSK. I feel stupid for sitting here and describing the action instead of actually playing it. It can't be described. Either wathc a vid, or play.

One thing that is annoying about DUSK are sections where your flashlight breaks due to long falls. Of course you usually find a new one soon after, but still.

In the end, I want to repeat what was said in the beginning.
A proof that a game does not need "high-fidelity graphics" to be good. For, you see, once the action starts, the music kicks in and the projectiles of all sorts fly all over the place, everything else goes into the background.

Nine pont five-five sickles in cultist body out of ten. The handle on the final one broke off, thus five-five.
Posted March 20.
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No. Stay away from this game and watch letsplays of it instead.

They had great and easy terraforming, unit morphing mechanic, energy network mechanic, territory control mechanic... AND THEY DONE SCREWED IT UP.

While most RTS entertain player with interesting missions, cutscenes, story arcs, Perimeter II has enemy base destruction for breacfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Combined with horrible UI, unbalanced terraforming (exodus strifes for every scrap of perfectly flat ground to build something larger than small turret, while harkback gets infinite ammount of perfectly flat water surface) and cosmetically different sides, this gives you that one game you don't want to play.

0/10, with Epic Fail seal of disapproval for MUTILATING the source material.
Posted September 22, 2015. Last edited September 22, 2015.
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There's a special folder for games like this in my library. Games that are so not worth it it's not even funny.

There is literaly nothing to do in this game, other than killing glitching creature from Unity store, digging through a glitching terrain, and finding nothing beyond certain radius from the spawn.
Literally: the map is like sectored pizza, with some green plains slice, mountains slice, snow slice, desert slice. There's one crashed ship on a map not too far from spawn point. And as said before, beyond certain radius there is just terrain with nothing useful.

To quoth the raven: Nevermore.
Posted May 9, 2015.
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Basicly EVE Online, but only if EVE was singleplayer only and halfway complete.
Ship construction is kinda fun, unless you want to build ship out of size 4-5 parts, mostly because of slow-moving camera.
And except for ship building, there ain't much to do. Trading and missions do not work correctly, mining is boring, and winning a fight depends not on your flight skills, but how much dakka, hp and shields you have.
Posted May 9, 2015.
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At this moment of time, i'd reccomend this game to people who are hard-boiled Z:SS fans or Z series fans who don't mind having Early Access game. The keywords here are at this moment of time.

Yep, this game does feel a bit like Early Access. There are some bugs and glitches here and there, most frequent of them are invincible bunkers (protip - bring some Pyros, their attacks ignore terrain at all) and targeting glitch, which makes your cursor think it's still on enemy building (it made me fail mission 12). Other bugs include units being stuck in buildings, units being unable to enter buildings (makes mission 18 unwinnable), untis reacting weird when under attack (I once had psycho running halfway around the map to retaliate to a guy who just popped up from nearby bridge), and minor non-gamebreaking bugs.

Compared to original, graphics have been improved (original units looked like voodoo dolls of low-poly models; i could count polygons on those on my fingers), howerver there is a problem with bloom sometimes, plus bump mapping on some models look a bit over the top. Some units have been changed in their look, like Toughs now represtent robotic heavy weapons guy from TF2, only armed with homing missile launchers instead of machineguns, and mobile radar jammer now wheeled vehicle instead of tracked one it used to be. Generally, robots look more human than they were supposed to in original game concept-art, and some buildings feel like they've been enlarged and rescaled (worst case with robot factory and air hangar - the former feels a bit bloated, the latter has huge control tower).

My major complain so far is the interface. It's horrible, feels console-ish, and does not present some vital infromation, like balance of income and expences, timer in timed missions, unit count and upgrade levels.

But as far as gampelay goes, it still feels like i'm back in original ZSS: grab a handful of psychos, take as much of the flags on a map as you can, build up a strike group and go wipe the map with your enemies. Or, watch them wipe map with your troops, if you've miscalculated something. The latter however right now is entirely your fault, since there are no difficulty setting, and AI is somewhat clueless on what's it doing (however, on mission 14 AI tried to drop a light tank and two pyros on my command center via transport heli - never seen AI doing that in original).

Multiplayer and Skirmish modes are missing so far, and i can't get clear understanding if devs will impliment them anytime soon/late.

Finally, the sounds are taken right from original Z:SS, as wel as music tracks (and projectile models, save for Laser's - it's much brighter than original one was). However, currently there is a problem with music: it stucks in a loop and never ends. Even "mission successful" music. So, i dunno, pop your favorite epic techo playlist while you're at it? :D

So, as i said: get this if you're either hard-boiled Z:Steel Soldiers fan, or if you're Z series fan and don't mind game being a bit raw at the moment. Or if you like buying raw games and then complain on forums. Otherwise, wait.
Posted August 18, 2014.
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