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BrotherBolt Jun 9 @ 7:39am 

BrotherBolt May 10 @ 3:40am 
Such magnificent creatures,
every week you see them swim
and you cry.
For only ducks can truly perceive reality.
Glorious ducks.
BrotherBolt May 8 @ 7:54am 
Happy Birthday Big Gurl! Remember that time we were using my moms measuring tape to measure our gains? And once we ran out of muscles to measure the only thing left was to measure our cocks? So first we did it flacid but the numbers weren't very impressive so we decided we better try it with boners. But you were shy and didn't wanna jerk it in front of me to get hard so you asked if I could do it for you?! lol and then your dick was so bigger than mine that you said it was because I give awesome hand jobs! haha anyways I cant wait to get drunk with you later and measure our dicks! Love you baby
Rums Apr 19, 2017 @ 8:10am 
seems legit
BrotherBolt Apr 19, 2017 @ 6:38am 
I'm not allowed to have my own cell phone so my dad forced me to use his phone number. My dad has a steam too and uses the same number. today my brother used my dads account and cheated and now my main account is VAC banned. it's true and here is proof, my father will now write too:

Hello I'm the father and what my son says is true, he did not cheat, it was his brother on my account. Please unban him valve

sincerely the father

Pls unban
BrotherBolt Mar 25, 2017 @ 6:50pm 
hello gaijin apology for poor english but i am elite japanese marine and we are kill all who pirate anime. this user was kill for many pirate anime. delete all your anime and tell all your friends before they are kill. if you dont end this to 10 friesds we elite japanes e marines will kill you and take all of your anime