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-AsiaFortress Mercenary Cup 7 Participation with CDITRF as Scout

-AsiaFortress Cup 10 Division 3 5th with Clown9 as Thrower

-AsiaFortress Cup 13 Division 2 2nd with Delayed Last Minute as Scout

-UGC 6s S27 2nd with NutMasters as Soldier/Scout

-Pure Cup S1 IM 4th with MFC as Scout

-OzFortress S22 IM 5th with Charlie's Cricket Club as Sub


actually offline Jun 22 @ 4:56pm 
Rue is a menacing guy who has threatened many with death to prevent people from contesting his potential first place at AFLAN. His motto is, if no one else competes, I will get first. Will his devious plan work out or will he fail? Find out more in the next installment of Rue Chronicles.
alkane Jun 12 @ 8:58pm 
ruee - Today at 11:03 AM
hm someone is going to die at aflan Jun 5 @ 12:45am 
i hate chokers
ebf5 public beta!!! May 5 @ 8:57pm 
+rep fast trader nice zoombear picture :D
dog May 2 @ 12:20pm 
dog May 2 @ 12:20pm 
does no one want to comment on this zoombear's profile?!?!!?