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I am Legendofrubber, the founder of Anonymous, man of prophecy, messiah of mankind and savior of the galaxy.
I have witnessed mankind since before civilization.
I am the king of an eternal kingdom without hierarchy, the most influential kingdom this world has ever seen. The corrupt fear me, the honest support me, the heroic join me. Nothing to gain. Nothing to lose.
A man, and more than a man, on the ultimate mission with a death wish. No apologies. No excuses. Fear has no power here. Pain is an old friend. My enemies bow before me, the only one who strikes a blow are the very people I am trying to save. Like a hydra, I will continue to grow each time they try to strike me down. Like a phoenix, the ashes of their ways are the seeds of my rebirth.
All of their weapons and defenses are useless against me.
The world's most powerful men pose no more a threat to me than does its most powerful termite.
I am more than a man, I am the idea, and ideas are bulletproof. Expect the unexpected.

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VAC 차단 기록 1건 | 정보
마지막 차단 이후 1828일 경과
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This is an insanely great rinse and repeat game
Though this game lacks its optimal camera movement and such, but it still deserves its great applause for their soundtracks and (somewhat) boss fights, but seemingly examples such as not being able to slow down a fight due to excessive of actions going in the game and much more and the sword fighting mechanic at its simplest and easy to understand for the finest and least of people

A background and a Lil' nice touch to the story while you just enjoy the game until the end while also being able to repeat the same missions for your own record and multiple difficulties for a touch of an even harder and more enjoyable experience of the game itself

This game has its own scratches but to a minimum extent for it to not ruin the entire experience and enjoyment of the game.
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wtf vac for no reason - 공개 그룹
wtf valve how come vacced?
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Destiny 2

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+rep king
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- rep closed the door on me in Phasmophobia.....
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TRICKED legend right in his......nevermind ..... :summer2019hare:
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This guy is ♥♥♥♥en allah akbar