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Howdy, I go by ducky on the interwebs. I tend change my name to random stuff a lot but I always go by ducky. Im bad at video games and good at being depressed. Im asexual, but you wouldnt be able to tell unless you read this.

If you want to add me here or anywhere else you can send a request but i probably wont accept it. Nothing against you, Im just pretty antisocial and I dont talk to a lot of people

I play a lot of Final Fantasy 14. Im on Excalibur on the Primal data center. Charater name: Luna Tsuki

I have a switch now! Play me in Smash nerd: SW-0864-7399-3782

Here's my PC's components if youre curious []
Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Stealth
Mouse: Logitech g402
Headset: Logitech g230's

Accurate representation of Princess Bae

"If the pain seems too much to bear, remember the end will justify the pain it took to get us there." -Someone important to me
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Thnks fr th MEMERIES™
ducky: god is a women

Starlight? ♥: I need to borrow a gun and a rope
ducky: lol
ducky: no
Starlight? ♥: Pwease? c;
ducky: no
ducky: suicide is bad
Starlight? ♥: But Whyyyyy?
ducky: despite me always telling people to kill themselves
Starlight? ♥: Who said anything about wuicide?
Starlight? ♥: Suicide*
ducky: "gun and rope"
ducky: for what? inane bondagde/
Starlight? ♥: Who's to say I didn't want to shoot up a scho- uhh. Yeah, bondage c:
ducky: idk which is worse
ducky: exeteme bondadge or child murder
Starlight? ♥: Why not both? *dramatically waves my hands*
ducky: LOL
ducky: this is going on the ole profile
Starlight? ♥: Oh gosh

shut the fuck up, your waifu is in a video game -wiz 2016

11:56 PM - Starlight? ♥: Getting on my profile is basically like getting into my pants
11:56 PM - ducky: i dont do it?
11:56 PM - Starlight? ♥: Basically no one does
11:56 PM - ducky: wait i just did
11:56 PM - ducky: uh
11:56 PM - ducky: good?
11:56 PM - Starlight? ♥: Wait
11:56 PM - ducky: being an asex is hard
11:56 PM - Starlight? ♥: Shit
11:56 PM - Starlight? ♥: Um
11:56 PM - Starlight? ♥ is now Offline..
11:56 PM - ducky: LOL

9:13 PM - Victory Star: I might not need a rainbow keyboard
9:14 PM - Victory Star: tone down the gay just a bit
9:14 PM - ducky: LOL
9:14 PM - ducky: ok yeah probably not
9:14 PM - ducky: your pc itself can be gay
9:14 PM - ducky: your keyboard is fine being straight
9:14 PM - Victory Star: Pbbbt
9:14 PM - Victory Star: The PC is an extension of the user
9:16 PM - ducky: saME
9:17 PM - ducky: id make mine ace because im gay

ducky: i may be straight and asexual but im still a fucking faggot
ducky: i have a tumblr
ducky: i wear leggings
ducky: i have a nice ass
ducky: and my friends do my makeup
ducky: im gay, but not sexually
limerence ❤: Ducky, I love you ❤

ducky #SGDQ2017: and i spout out "nigga" like im fucking
ducky #SGDQ2017: whos a black rapper
birthday bean: lil cent
ducky #SGDQ2017: kendrick
ducky #SGDQ2017: LOL
ducky #SGDQ2017: thats my trap name now
ducky #SGDQ2017: lil cent
birthday bean: lmao
ducky #SGDQ2017: lil cent, makin big money
ducky #SGDQ2017: N I G G A
birthday bean: with my girl call her honey
birthday bean: swimming in money
birthday bean: michael phelps
ducky #SGDQ2017: going on my profiKW r
ducky #SGDQ2017: i cant with you
birthday bean: NO WHY

2:46 AM - graffiti hearts: oh cool i have 2 punk mom
2:46 AM - graffiti hearts: ash and sme
2:46 AM - graffiti hearts: *ame
2:46 AM - happy lil bean: There's no need to be
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: AshAme'd
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: about that
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: fuck
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: kill me
2:47 AM - graffiti hearts: IM S
2:47 AM - graffiti hearts: GONNA
2:47 AM - graffiti hearts: FUCKING TELL AME THAT OG MY GOD
2:47 AM - graffiti hearts: im saving that too
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: NO
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: GOD
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: FUCKING
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: ugh
2:47 AM - happy lil bean: fine

ceeyaa01 : hey is annable creation good
*DEAD* self-cataclysmic temptations : Personally, my parents said no I wasn't
the sins in my veins : ask temptation
the sins in my veins : LMAO

5:57 PM - Victory Star: Hey so I woke up and saw your name and I started bleeding from where I got cut with the edge

*DEAD* RainBowShots : Dont know how spanish girl hasnt dominated me yet
*DEAD* ducky : same tbh
*DEAD* esperanza ❤ : gdi

esperanza ❤ : holy shit we're like ducky's penis size away from capping

9:46 PM - duwang milf: Irma is about to kill more haitians than Tommy Vercetti
9:46 PM - ducky: LOL

:3 : I'd rather commit suicide than kill myself.

Alabast : Hey, Ducky, you have the achievement for making a person rage quit?
ducky : yep
Alabast : Then I don't feel bad for leaving without letting you dominate me
Alabast : <3
Alabast left the game (Disconnect by user.)
ducky : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

8:51 PM - Vanessasushi: i want some 12 year old dick

4:05 PM - Vanillasushi: im hoe~
4:06 PM - Vanillasushi: i meant home but
4:06 PM - Vanillasushi: i am a hoe too
4:06 PM - ducky: LOL
4:06 PM - ducky: best typo ever

RubADubDucky: aw fuck dude hugh heffner died
Starlight: yeah
he's stiffer now than he's been in his whole life
RubADubDucky: OH
if nothing solidifies my place in hell, that did
also, proifle
Starlight: no why

waifu : I just fucking joined
paradise upside-down : you just fucking lost
paradise upside-down : :^)
ducky : gottem

Dank Hill : everyone is bisexual whether they like it or not

lywater : All my friends are dead
esperanza ❤ : at least you had friends
dive back into you : at least theyre dead

1:24 AM - baile con la luna: girls are gay
1:24 AM - ducky: i guess im gay then
1:25 AM - ducky: i like girls
1:25 AM - baile con la luna: yeah ik
1:25 AM - baile con la luna: that's what we've been talking abut
1:25 AM - baile con la luna: about*
1:25 AM - ducky: what that im gay or that i like gay?
1:25 AM - baile con la luna: 1:25 AM - ducky: what that im gay or that i like gay?
1:25 AM - ducky: WUAT
1:25 AM - ducky: FUCK
1:25 AM - ducky: I JSUt
1:25 AM - baile con la luna: LOL

(Talking about League of Legends)
1:38 AM - festive fox-friend: I hate it
1:38 AM - festive fox-friend: I hate everything about it
1:38 AM - ducky: its only good for hentai
1:38 AM - festive fox-friend: even the hentai sucks because the game itself makes me want to cut my dick off with a rusty saw

First Aid : As a litteral IRL sperg, Autism Speaks is fucking PETA for humans

sid - yoga in bed is just clothed bdsm

Infected: You suck because you died from a Scout with an Australium Weapon

xander108 : pyro sharks are like jaws it comes wean you least expectit it

Victory Star: that's a butt
ducky: yes
Victory Star: nice
Victory Star: lmao what the hell was that exchange

ducky: isnt there a whole fetish for spending money on people
diet dr kelp: yeah
sadly i haven't found anyone with that fetish
otherwise i'd be living the dream
i'm no dom but i AM a jew
ducky: im putting this on my profile
also big same

i'm glad they offer them honestly
cause CBBE and UNP do a great job of making the models looks good
but if every time i looted some dead bandits armor i had to see tits i'd be upset
which is the opposite of what tits do
"which is the opposite of what tits do"
i love you lol
i mean am i wrong?
no lol
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