Russian Federation
source engine is snortable
just like pepper

about me (at least, who i can describe myself as)
- source engine console scripter + addict
- lurks in sv_cheats 1 servers
- likes his strange professor speks
- weird dude making weird & low-iq injokes
- russian, has a habit of speaking english
- a guy that keeps looking for exploits & glitches
- well-known member of dfs
- a horrible videogamer
- extremely emotionless
- somewhat calm
- takes screenshots
- tempting to take tf2 screenshots that look like they're done in gmod or sfm
- no, i'm not a weeb
- no, i'm not a furry
- no, i'm not a brony
- no, i'm not a gamer
- yes, i accept some friend requests if you are what i listed 4 lines above
- obsessed with isabelle
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things you should know + extras
world of text []
if you want to add me on discord, then you'll have to tell me your tag because of my weird name
there are many comments that i have left throughout the years, and most of them could probably be toxic. if you do come across one, consider yourself lucky finding it

i'm... really shy, actually
please don't talk about anything nsfw related
i act normally as long as you stay normal
if i begin acting weird, then good luck with reading what i'm about to say

potential reasons of me adding
you're generally a cool guy, someone who i'd like to talk to with but just couldn't
we've known each other for a long while and i wondered why weren't we friends
i like how your habits, what you do and your facts are identical to mine
you told me to add you, or it was by someone else's demand
helping you out with something or asking for help
i respect you a lot

adding me
i barely accept friend requests from people i've never heard of. i would, however, appreciate if you left a comment why you're adding me
it all depends on who you are, how you act, and how fast you get pissed at me

notes for when you're my friend
there's a big chance that i will message newly added friends on random occasions
i'm "extremely talkative", by that i mean i send messages a lot
if you want to do something that we can both do, hit me up while i'm online. i'll think about it

these guys are great
yes, you can suggest me a different reason/personality of yourself in this list
Intresless is the weirdest
this guy accidentally retarded and autisted
SuperScore is not a saab person
Сonnе will not give me his hammer
ficool2 can mend maps and console script greater than me
Synth likes technology
Marioiscool246 hosted an sv_cheats 1 server in tf2
gcf hosted an sv_cheats 1 server in gmod
PumaB likes source engine too
SuperVario64 country is not a real scotland, you are a dressman with a english
Rufus killed me
Skele Jangton is a norwegian skeleton
Lukaswbrr the demo with lua coding skills
Saxtoni literally dies on the keyboard
greenswede is no longer that canned corn company name
Pro100_Red_Mushroom exists for some reason
shoelace is mostly referred to as shoe
the lunar is a turkish bird lover
MrAori deserved to be here because he's friendly
CinderUnit because who better to have than a person that hates isabelle
chaz idk
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your mom bro.... trolled.................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
We are all different as each angels and demons.
How is it like to be possessed by a demon?

And by the way, I copied this riddle from a allready written document.
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One that is facinated of how much different each humans are, no matter how bigger our population grows.