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To those asking about my gender
Some people think I'm a guy and others see me as a girl. They're all wrong - look up the term genderqueer [] to have a better understanding of my identity. As for those nasty questions about what I have between my legs, I've never answered them and never would. It's not like you are going to be in bed with me, so stay away from this subject. Any questions about which public restroom I'd choose are also rude and irrelevant.

My location
I currently live in Russia but I have nearly zero ties to the nation, be it about the language, culture, the way Russians see the world, their patriotism or anything else.
The country is getting more and more fascist but I'm stuck in it.

General ideas
I'm against many ideas that divide beings based on things they have no control over, such as racism, sexism, sexualism, ageism or speciesism []. I believe it is only important to care about one's personality and choices instead of what has nothing to do with who they are. I don't imagine being good friends with those thinking otherwise if I ever find out.

It should be obvious from my featured group, but sometimes people still ask if I'm vegan. The answer is clearly yes. In fact, my first profile picture on Steam back in 2007 was a reference to that. There is not a single valid moral, ethical or health argument against veganism. In reality it is quite the opposite. Think what you may, but when approached rationally and objectively, some things in life are undoubtedly better than others. Surely, you can talk about traditions, habits and tastes in this context, but these are not scientific or rational arguments. They're mere justifications.

All the Steam groups I'm in do represent my views, way of life and interests.

It seems that many people on Steam have a lot of random stuff they wouldn't even play on their wishlists comprised of hundreds of games. In my case, there's a 99% chance that every item on my wishlist is something I truly want and will play. Feel free to use it as a recommendation as to what I see as having the potential to be a good game or software.

Other gaming accounts
Battle net: Rose#2293
Epic Games: RozziRoxx
GOG: Roze
Origin and Social Club: BloodyRosie
Ubisoft Connect: RoseTheFlower
Xbox: UndeadNBloody
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Rose | 14 years vegan Sep 5 @ 5:08pm 
I also have no interest in playing competitively anymore, but that is the only way to play Dota 2 where winning is always the goal. There are much more important things in life than being better than others at an online game (although in Dota 2 just you being better is often insufficient, as it's a team game).
Rose | 14 years vegan Sep 5 @ 4:59pm 
Hi! I put countless hours in the game (over 6,000 to be precise) and now I can't even understand why.
It was the most toxic community I've seen, and the game mechanics are too overwhelming for any human being. Even the best of the best of the game don't remember all the stats of each item even if they understand the more advanced mechanics compared to any other game like the last hitting, creep pulling, character rotation speed, ward use, Roshan timing and so forth. It doesn't help that the game got updates that completely overhauled some of those, including the hero stats and items.
The latter is not that bad and possibly refreshing if you look at a game like Heroes of the Storm that is just limited to its pool of heroes, but in Dota it's just complexity for the sake of complexity.
WAR HOG Sep 5 @ 1:49pm 
hello ive never talked to u but i found u from an if found review and noticed u used to also play dota until like 2015. what made u quit the game?
Rose | 14 years vegan Sep 2 @ 12:08am 
You're welcome!
peacepace Aug 31 @ 7:13pm 
there is a great person who helped me with a lot of aspect ratio fixes for games on (pcgamingwiki)
I didn't know it was you yet, thank you really thank you :luv: