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Old but gold, I was told years ago that there was something like 900 in-game quests so there's certainly gameplay to be had. Not to mention the different characters you can play (with different storylines), all the community workshop quests, thousands of items on the workshop to increase difficulty and whatnot. Can't go wrong with this game (as long as you download the unofficial patch)
Posted March 21, 2020.
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+1 The campaign is long enough and is really nostalgic. There's many gamemodes to choose from, altho maneuvering the settings on them can be confusing. You'll have hours of entertainment until CE is released.
But also, the game fails sometimes and refuses to connect me to the servers. Gives me a big fat error. Have to verify the game. Sometimes it fixes it, sometimes I just have to wait until the next day for things to be oke-dorey

So buy it. But know that there's gonna be a ton of bugs like that.
Posted January 3, 2020.
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I have 4,000 hours in the game over many years. It's really a nice game to spend hours a day on, when you have the time. I spend most of my time on my community servers.

Each update seems to be pushing away community servers more and more, it's all about the contracts and "cases" now... Some people are even having problems actually CLICKING on the community servers tab in the main menu, it just does nothing. They have also made it really hard for servers to utilize music spamming... Which is no surprise as the handful (less than 5) of developers have said in the past that they might not ever bring a major update to this game again.
They should put more effort into communities and community servers if they want the game to be anything other than a cesspool for scammers and a money-pot for Valve. Since the very beginning, communities have been the sole reason for this games continuity. The community maps, mods/plug-ins, game-modes, and members themselves are what made this game fun to play every day for 6 hours. Now, there's no point.

That's honestly my opinion on where the game currently stands. If this is the way that Valve wants to leave their most popular game of all time, then that's the way of it then. As for you, don't invest money and/or time into this game. Save yourself the heartbreak.

It's simply not worth it anymore.
Posted November 23, 2017. Last edited January 29.
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Last year I got "Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet" and told everyone in a review that if I could choose between that game and my girlfriend, I'd choose that game. I was single in a few months...Long story short she and I got back together a few weeks ago.

I just found this game, and I think it's safe to assume that if I could pick between THIS game and my girlfend, I'd pick this game. Will I ever learn?
Posted January 21, 2016.
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If I had to choose between this game, and my girlfriend, I'd pick this game.

EDIT: I'm single now..
Posted December 22, 2014. Last edited March 10, 2015.
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Season 1 was absolutely fantastic. I'll admit I cried like a little girl at the end of it.
Season 2 is no exception. Has you on the edge of your seat throuought.

Decisions from Season 1 and the 400 Days DLC are imported if you choose and the events of Season 2 will be altered based on those prior choices. While Season 2 can be started without playing the prior season, I highly recommend doing Season 1 first so that you have a better understanding of what is happening and to have your choices imported rather than being randomly selected for you

On the emotional side:
Sometimes I want to play through the entire season 2 in one sitting because it's such a great game. But, I can't. It's too hard. Too emotional. So I have to take breaks. Playing more than two sittings of The Walking Dead a day or every other day is very rare because of the strong heavy emotions it causes. And that is just one of the many reasons that The Walking Dead 2 is such a good game; it causes people to feel real emotions: emotions of hate, love, sadness, scardness. Emotions I can not say I've experienced in quite a while, especially in a game?!. If you can not handle that ^ then don't bother playing this game. because that's what it revolvs around.

On a technical side:
Graphics are great, (no surprise there). The camera movements are real, as if you're watching a movie with real people in it. The camera pans in and out and over. Great.
The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic throuought, and if you are into music I definitely reccomend listening to the song at the end of every episode while the credits run; most of the time if not aways, it is related to the episide you just completed.
Voice acting is smooth and powerful with real emotion just like the first season, and unlike any game I have ever seen.

One tiny negative bit I noticed with this Season is that you cannot use your mouse wheel to scroll down the list of responses to the conversations that you are having, like you were able to do in the first Season. You were also able to scroll through your actions of what you do in the game as well so in this season I find myself misclicking something on the screen because I'm used to scrolling, or I find myself nearly missing a timed answer in a conversation because I remember that I can't scroll and have to click.
This minor detail can easily be dealt with, however, because mouse sensitivity on this game (as opposed to Season 1) is much more smooth despite no option to change it, and thus makes choosing one of the choices simple and effortless.

To recap: Fantastically emotional, personal, and powerful. Music is the best. Unbelievably top notch graphics and mouse movement, with a small change in controlls that can be more than easily dealt with and learned.

If you can not already tell, The Walking Dead: Season 2 is just as fantastic as the first Season, and is definitely (besides The Walking Dead: Season 1) the best game I have had the happy pleasure of playing in the longest time.

☆☆☆☆☆ 5/5 stars all the way
Posted June 11, 2014. Last edited November 25, 2017.
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