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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 3:09am


Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma with ODIN.
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 7:08am

From Downtown

Made a 3-point shot in micro-G basketball.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 3:01am

Therefore Art Thou

Activate Juliet and reunite her with Romeo in zero-G.
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 7:46am


Go a full round with the punching bag in the Gym.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 3:09am

Employee of the Month

Escaped Tacoma having read all incoming messages from Venturis.
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:03pm


Restored the Obsolescence Day sign.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 3:09am

Master of Unlocking

Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having opened every keypad and lock on the Station.
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:59pm

Make a basket with Tina’s skull

Worked together with Tina to make a particularly spooky basket.


Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having recovered every AR Crew Record and Personal AR Desktop item.


Found the AR cat in every recovered Crew Record on the Station.

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