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Still an awesome game in 2019, especially if you can get a few friends together.
Posted November 26.
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It's FTL – in 3D.
Posted June 29.
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"Life Is Strange" this is not. What it is is a rather tedious and boring "episode" that amounts to nothing. I could recommend it if the gameplay was at least competent, but no, there are too many rookie mistakes to keep it from being enjoyable. But hey, it's free, so make up your own mind.
Posted June 25, 2018.
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A fun little twin-stick shooter (that works better with keyboard and mouse), that does nothing incredibly well, but is fun enough for a few short sessions every now and then.

The best parts: It runs buttery smooth; loading times are short; combat is satisfying.
The worst parts: It gets repetitive rather soon; it's very grindy; online-scene is dead.
Posted March 20, 2018.
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For a game that’s 7 years old by now, it still looks pretty good. But that’s about the only good thing about it.

Cinematics look horrid. Not in terms of their art style (which is fine), but in technical terms. They scale really badly and look pixelated as a result. Even the subtitles.

Voice acting, for the most part, is also pretty bad. I can accept cringe-worthy dialog, but it has to be delivered well. And DS3 fails miserably.

Story seems uninteresting, but then again, you play a game such as this for the action and gameplay.

Level design, at least early on, is very linear. It feels like one giant corridor with a few branching paths every now and then, which results in a lot of backtracking, but minimal exploration. It looks good at least, but i got stuck behind invisible walls a few times already.

Controls (the “meat of the game, pt. 1”) are horrible. Was it originally made for controllers in mind? Was it inspired by twin-stick shooter mechanics? I couldn’t say, but it’s really unintuitive; even rebinding the keys (which you can, fortunately) doesn’t help. Neither do the 2 camera angles. And even with only 2 ‘stances’ (usually one for melee, the other for ranged attacks) and initially only 1 special attack per stance (plus 1 defensive ability), i’m already confused – especially in the heat of a battle.

Interface/Inventory (the “meat of the game, pt. 2”) is also pretty clumsy. It’s difficult to judge what weapon/gear is better suited for your character, or why, and what the countless of stats even mean. While ‘Agility’, ‘Attack’, or ‘Block’ are rather straightforward, others, such as ‘Doom’, ‘Will’, ‘Momentum’, or the so-called Chaos Stats, are a complete mystery. On the plus side, the dialog system works pretty well, and every line is skippable.

Difficulty (again, i haven’t played very far) seems unbalanced. There are enemies that don’t do any damage to you at all, while others kill you with almost a single hit. But it doesn’t seem consistent: After i reloaded such an encounter, the same enemies couldn’t even touch me.

Does it have an edge over similar games? No. Is it fun? No. Not when there are so many better alternatives around these days. Alternatives, such as the Torchlight series, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (the first one), or Victor Vran.
Posted March 20, 2018. Last edited March 21, 2018.
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A short but well-made fan-game (time to beat: about an hour), set in the Half-Life universe. I was more than impressed by what they were able to squeeze out of the old Source engine. Music, likewise, is on par with what the original composer, Kelly Bailey, created for the classic games.
Posted April 14, 2017.
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Early Access Review
In short: a free wipEout clone.

  • Looks and feels like wipEout 2097.
  • A ton of tracks and ships.
  • Easy to get in, hard to master.
  • Runs perfectly smooth at 60 fps.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Did i mention it's free?

  • Graphics look dated (but this might be a deliberate design choice).
  • Menus need serious work, especially when navigating with a controller. (Example: There is no simple “press B to go back”, instead, one has to chose the “back” item and select it with A. Cumbersome.)
  • It doesn't come close to the awesome graphics design work of The Designers Republic of the original wipEout (title font, racing team logos, weapon icons, menu system, etc.).

(Version 0.6.3 reviewed.)
Posted February 15, 2017. Last edited February 16, 2017.
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It's incredibly hard to not recommend this game at this point: You can just go and play the first episode for free and make up your own mind.

Do keep an open mind, though, as this is not your run-of-the-mill 3rd person adventure game. It is so much more than that! While it is an adventure game at its core, it's much more character-focused and story-driven; solving puzzles is only secondary.

Highly recommended; not only because it is different for the sake of it, but because it actually has an impact on you.
Posted November 23, 2016.
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The game looks great, Lara looks gorgeous, and… that's about as much as i can say about the game, because i can't play any more of it. Why? The camera makes me sea-sick. That's saying a lot, because no game has ever made me as dizzy as this one, and i've been playing computer games for over 25 years.

So what is it about the camera? In short, it has a life of its own. As soon as you hit any of the movement keys, the camera tries to level itself out and point towards where Lara is headed. The only way to stop this behaviour is to stop moving, But walking and looking around at the same time is nigh impossible, as you're constantly struggling against the camera. It gets worse the closer you move around walls, inside tight corridors, or close to ledges, as the camera likes to suddenly flip or spin around, resulting in you running into said wall – or off a cliff. The game was obviously designed to be played with a controller, where this "camera helper" might have been a good idea, but when you're used to playing with keyboard/mouse, it becomes unbearable.
Posted November 21, 2015.
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A worthy (if unofficial) successor to Geometry Wars; and maybe it's even better than the old classic. Plays well with a controller, but i prefer mouse and keyboard (it's easier to aim that way, in my opinion). It also looks good, and the soundtrack is phenomenal. Recommended for sure!
Posted May 29, 2015.
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