Rosalie ☭
Che   Queensland, Australia
HEY WHATS UP im a tf2 trader, on the side but if you ever want to have a talk with someone im always an option.
Here are a couple things you should know about me, i guess
Im an aussie
Im Asexual
Im a Gynophobic (Ask me if you want to know why/the full story)
I dont care where you are from, if your black, yellow or purple, i dont care i just hate dicks
I dont care if your a Brony, Furry, Weaboo or whatever again i only hate dicks period.
Favourite Films : Wind and the Willows (1995),The Real Macaw and See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Treasure Island (1950), Dough (2015)
Favourite Bands : Gorlliaz and The Hoosiers
Favourite Songs : Feel Good Inc,Doop - Doop,Goodbye Mr A and Cops and Robbers (Hoosiers)
Best Classes in College : Math,Business Studies and Coding

if you have any personal questions like my age and where do i live im sorry but i only answer those questions to people i can trust. Thanks for reading this! Wall of Words by me :D
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Joebama4 4K Ultra HD 60FPS Sep 16 @ 4:42am 
+rep has the same name as my sister and lives in the same state
GhostyOsty Aug 24 @ 12:13pm 
It's about time, that I should confess.
Lym Jun 22 @ 7:01pm 
Reasonable chap, thanks for playing
AssBurgers May 23 @ 1:43am 
leave me alone you fat prickk
AssBurgers May 19 @ 7:29am 
Can you stop adding me? this is getting ridiculous, you don't even comment
Aber May 18 @ 11:39pm