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Bands/Artists I've Seen Live
○ Alice in Chains (Grunge)
○ Atomic ♥♥♥♥♥wax (Stoner Rock)
○ Bleeding Out (Grindcore)
○ Bob Plant (Mincegrind)
○ Bodies Lay Broken (Goregrind)
○ Coheed and Cambria (Alternative/Hard Rock)
○ Conan (Doom Metal)
○ Corrosion of Conformity (Southern Rock/Metal)
○ Couple Skate (Mincegore)
○ Crowbar (Sludge Metal)
○ Deicide (Death Metal)
○ Deterioration (x2) (Grindcore)
○ Disease (Grindcore)
○ Epicardiectomy (Slam Death Metal)
○ Extremely Brutal (Death Metal)
○ Fistula (Sludge Metal)
○ G.O.D (Grotesque Organ Defilement) (Goregrind)
○ Goddamn Gallows (Rockabilly/Punk)
○ Hellyeah (Groove Metal)
○ Ice-T (Hiphop)
○ Jeromes Dream (Screamo)
○ Jungle Rot (Death Metal)
○ Jonathan Davis' Solo Project (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal)
○ Korn (x2) (Alternative Metal)
○ Lectularius (Death Metal/Goregrind)
○ Lunk (x2) (Grindcore)
○ Misanthropic Noise (Grindcore)
○ Moisturizer (Grindcore)
○ Mothership (Stoner Rock/Metal)
○ Mushroomhead (Alternative Metal)
○ Nak'ay (Grindcore)
○ Nonpoint (Nu Metal)
○ Nunslaughter (Death Metal)
○ OM (Doom Metal)
○ Origin (Death Metal)
○ Palisades (Metalcore)
○ PLF (Pretty Little Flower) (Grindcore)
○ Sanguisugabogg (Death Metal)
○ Self Loathing (Death Metal)
○ S.H.I.T (Hardcore Punk)
○ Shitlife (Grindcore)
○ Sissy Spacek (Noise)
○ Stone Sour (Hard Rock)
○ Sunn O))) (Drone/Doom Metal)
○ The Men's Toilet (Goregrind)
○ Ulcerated Offal (Goregrind)
○ Underoath (Metalcore)
○ Weedeater (x2) (Stoner/Sludge Metal)
○ Wovenhand (Folk/Country Rock)

My bands/projects

Epidemic Pain [] (Goregrind/Gorenoise)
Catastrophic Disasterbator [] (Goregrind)
1000x Salvia [] (Noisegrind/Noise/Experimental)
Pollinator [] (Goregrind/Gorenoise)

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Hi everyone...


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Primitive Man slays! Awesome music taste.
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