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:8bitheart:~Me and Furby met in real life 4/14/17~:8bitheart:

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Raw Sewage Containment
I go by many aliases: Mr. Pink!; Eric Koston; Koston; etc.

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○ Season 12 (Iron) - Executive Order
○ Season 15 (Iron) - ShamPow
○ Season 16 (Iron) - ShamPow
○ Season 21 (Silver) - The Bessemer Process
○ Season 22 (Silver) - Settlers of Kanto
○ Season 23 (Silver) - Blackjack and Hookers
○ Season 24 (Silver) - ebola world :t39trophy: 1st Place Champions!
○ Season 25 (Platinum) - Oil Spill

○ Season 24 (Silver) - Starstruck
○ Season 25 (Silver) - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
○ Season 26 (Platinum) - San Diego Padres Appreciation Club
○ Season 27 - (Platinum) - Lightning Fast VCR Repair


○ Season 9 (Steel) - Powerman 5000
○ Season 10 (Silver) - The Squad :t39trophy: 2nd Place Champions
○ Season 11 (Gold) - The Squad
○ Season 12 (Gold) - Seal Noises!
○ Season 13 (Gold) - Hev, E
○ Season 14 (Gold) - Hev, E


Favorite bands(IN NO ORDER): Korn, Rompeprop, GUT, Rammstein, Primus, Deftones, Cock and Ball Torture, Mortician, Acid Bath, etc.

I have my own assortment of goregrind/gorenoise projects, with splits, eps, and demos available for download, though I don't know why you'd consider listening to this shit anyways... it's bad for you! :chainsaw:

Epidemic Pain

:Horzine: Maggot Mass-2012:horzine: []

:Horzine: Split w/ UxTxIxFxSxPxCx-2013:horzine: []

:horzine: Split with XXX-2013:horzine: []

:horzine: Split with Slaughter Circle and Pumped Stomach-2014:horzine: []

:horzine: Split with Melanocytic Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential-2014:horzine: []

:horzine: Collection of Decay EP-2014:horzine: []

:horzine: Split w/ V.O.M.I.T - 2015.:horzine: []

:horzine: Split w/ Anal Shake, Decomposing Rapist, and Pulmonary Embolism-2016:horzine: []

:horzine: Split w/ Pulmonary Aspiration of Vomit-2016:horzine: []

:horzine: Split w/ Intracranial Hypotension and Urachus-2016:horzine: []

Bad Taste

:horzine: Close the Damn Borders, Already! Demo-2014:horzine: []

:horzine: CAUTION! Hazardous Grind Demo-2014:horzine: []

:horzine: Chemical Earblast Demo-2014:horzine: []

:horzine: Split with F.U.C.K-2015:horzine: []

SJW Lynch Mob

:horzine: Triggered Bitch:horzine: []

Top 15 Favorite Sickest Fucking Albums in Absolutely No Order Except for Last Three

:healthful: Jig Ai -Katana Orgy:healthful:

:healthful: Spasm -Paraphilic Elegies:healthful:

:healthful: 2 Minuta Dreka -Let's Start a Porn in the Name of Gore:healthful:

:healthful: Cliteater -Clit em' All:healthful:

:healthful: Gutalax -Shitbeast:healthful:

:healthful: Vomitoma -A Liquid Harvest of Putrified Stomach Contents:healthful:

:healthful: Mortician -Darkest Day of Horror:healthful:

:healthful: Last Days of Humanity -Hymns of Indegistable Suppuration:healthful:

:healthful: Anal Whore -Sickness³:healthful:

:healthful: Anal Cunt -It Just Gets Worse:healthful:

:healthful: Haemorrhage -Apology for Pathology:healthful:

:healthful: Carcass -Reek of Putrefaction:healthful:

:healthful: Gut -Odour of Torture:healthful:

:healthful: Rompeprop -Hellcocks Pornflakes:healthful:

:healthful: Cock and Ball Torture -Sadochismo:healthful:

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Easily my favorite game of all time! Great story, beautiful, emotional, horrifying, great score and voiceacting, and of course, full of ultra-violence! 10/10! Highly recommend!
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Created by - Jimo
4,867 ratings
I will explain how to obtain and craft Steam Trading Cards. I will also explain how to use the rewards you receive from crafting them.
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Status - Accepted for Game, Created by - Zoey

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