Roland T-Kiss   Hungary
Welcome to my Steam Profile! If you want to add me, please drop a comment stating why.

Although I'm very open to anyone's friend request, please keep in mind a few things:
#1: If you add me to trade CS:GO skins, make sure that you have public profile, and public inventory, and you own the game. If you really want to trade skins, add me from your main account.
#2: Due to a lot of scammers adding me, I may ignore your friend request. If you are a real person, add me again, that way I know, that you are not an automated bot.
#3: If I add you for trade, even if I'm Online, don't expect that I will reply in 30 seconds. I may be out with the family, or something. Happened to me once, that I added someone, my sibling called for help, and after 1 minute, the guy blocked me for not answering right away.

These things may sound strict, but they are neccessary, since there are a lot of scam bots out there.
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Impersonator #1 (and hopefully the last)

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Thanks to these people, who sent a gift or offered a Giveaway prize:
Eriaos Gifted me ShootMania Storm
yO! Gifted me Killing Floor, Limbo, Bastion, FTL: Faster Than Light and Cave Story+
Digimon Offered a copy of Alan Wake to give away, and gifted me a copy of PAYDAY 2 Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack, Murder Miners, Space Farmers, Gun Monkeys, The Ship, Dead Island Epidemic
super This guy showed up on Christmas day, and gave me a free DarkOut key! I still can't believe it! Thanks!
memph1s OMG! This guy and his Crew are AWESOME! They gave away several thousand Battlefield 4 AMD coupon codes for FREE! I can't thank it enough to you guys!
ave.phoentice Gifted me Tropico 4: Collector's Edition and Castle Crashers + 2 DLC-s! Thanks!
Sleven This guy, and his group Real Time Gamers Club , gifted me Fallout 3, because I invited a lot of people! Thanks, guys! Also I won Chompy Chomp Chomp on a music event.
Nabal Gifted me Overcast: Walden and the Werewolf!
SajtosXY He made me a new profile pic, helped me to get Battleblock Theater, and gifted Ibb & Obb. I really appreciate that :)
Gregor Gifted me The Dark Falkirk Helm , a unique helmet for TF 2, which he crafted. Thank you very much!
But none of these could beat DeathbyQuigley ♣™ ! This guy spent a lot from his free time, and his money to help me get The Secret World Massive Edition. He basically trusted a random guy (me) from the Net and I can't thank him enough! Also he gave me Half - Life Platinum Pack - Second Edition for free! THANKS!
Alien Labs gifted me Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered for inviting 100+ people to his group Minions of Steel Thank you very much!
DEW_P gave me Nihilumbra and Epigenesis. Thanks, man!
TopzyNator gifted me PAYDAY 2: The Diamond DLC. Thank you so much! I'd have never expected that :)
LiiGHTz gifted me an M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy and an M4A1-S | Nitro, because I helped him name his Karambit | Case Hardened. Thank you for the gifts!
LazyBoy sent me 5$, because I shared Humble Weekly Play and Create with Game Maker game source codes with him. Thank you for your generous gift :)
A huge shoutout to ferszabi ! He is an awesome guy, and an amazing friend. Although I've never met him in real life, I feel him more as a friend, than some people, who I know in person. Thanks for all the fun times we had so far! :)
Jericho of Rivia let me unpack a Worms Clan Wars 4 pack free of charge. Thanks for that!
Druss gave me a Bad Rats key, so now I own this wonderful game too :D
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How about some PD2?
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Nobody celebrates your 10th anniversary on Steam.

Sad. Despacito.
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