Bluberry Jack
lol i'll never be able to play comp   Everett, Washington, United States
Lethargic and already world-weary realist.

Hitscan player and destroyer of the 2fort Tyrant

Trade offer link :

Who?: my matress smells like glue

More than 1000 of my TF2 hours are me leaving my computer on at night so don't expect anything too good from me

Mimikyu Nico: ok
Mimikyu Nico: Remind me
Mimikyu Nico: next year
Mimikyu Nico: on valentines day
Breadilius: go on
Mimikyu Nico: For me to tell you what happened on February 14th of 2014

[Snuggle_Crew] Banshadow: froggy says you are a tiny weeny dirt bag
Breadilius: Gee, thanks
[Snuggle_Crew] Banshadow: It's not me
Breadilius: y tho
[Snuggle_Crew] Banshadow: 2 seconds ill ask
[Snuggle_Crew] Banshadow is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
[Snuggle_Crew] Banshadow: he says it's becuase hes all out of bread and now he doesn't konw what to do with all of his peanut butter

Bull-Frog: M. Mmmmmmmmmmm mmmm. No. N no. N. n. pk m mm. N. mkpbochgig hcj k
Bull-Frog: .
Breadilius: ?
Bull-Frog: hey
Breadilius: WHy did you message me gibberish at 3 AM
Bull-Frog: what
Breadilius: Bull-Frog: M. Mmmmmmmmmmm mmmm. No. N no. N. n. pk m mm. N. mkpbochgig hcj k
Bull-Frog: .
Bull-Frog: i think thats when i fell asleep on my phone
Bull-Frog: so rip

Disconnected Sandwich: But Red Bread Can't be dead... at least that's what my friend said
Breadilius: Weird
Breadilius: I thought you RED about that somewhere
Disconnected Sandwich: Nah, I'm too crusty for that
Breadilius: Aw, those jokes just makes me Crumble
Breadilius: I ever tell you how toasty this summer is?
Disconnected Sandwich: Shoot... I was just about to make that one... it seemed GluTen outta Ten
Breadilius: Heh
Breadilius: Now you stop sandwiching me with your jokes

Mimikyu Nico has accepted your request to trade.
Breadilius: And then at that moment....
Breadilius: HA
Breadilius: jk
Mimikyu Nico: yes
Mimikyu Nico: best prank
Breadilius: oh
Breadilius: You approve?
Breadilius: okay
Mimikyu Nico: what
Breadilius: canceling offer
Mimikyu Nico: plz no
Mimikyu Nico: i have no wife
Mimikyu Nico: or kids
Breadilius: But you have a girlfriend
Breadilius: Still virgin, though
Mimikyu Nico: yes

Breadilius: tf2 at 2 in the morning?
Breadilius: good luck finding a match lol
stoopidman: you changed my mind
stoopidman: i realized i should clean my room real quicka nd then sleep lol
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I play Terraria, TF2 and L.A. Noire.

This person tried to kill me

Having your own opinion is acceptable. Trying to get people to agree to your opinion isn’t.

It’s not okay to look down on different people and see them as inferior. That’s like saying that you’re superior to the 7 billion other people in the world.

Popularity is a temporary status. Talent is a permenant ability.

Age : 13
Gender : Mailbox
Date rejection rate : 0%. (0 divided by 0)
Kind of smart, I guess? I don’t know.
All the quotes displayed on this profile are ones that I came up with. They simply reflect my point of view on life and nothing else.

Best friends : They know who they are. Probably. I hope so.

Status key :
Most are pretty much self explanatory. However, if I am seen online, then I’m probably bored out of my mind / working. Don’t hesitate to message me if I’m in game or online, I always try my best to respond ASAP.

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Civil rights and freedom of speech are outlawed
Seconds ago: Following new legislation in Jackvillee, citizens complain about a burning sensation after bathing.
7 minutes ago: Following new legislation in Jackvillee, organ donation is compulsory.
5 minutes ago: Following new legislation in Jackvillee, employers may fire workers without giving any reason.

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currency: "Blowjob Machines"

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Totally worth it.
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Brotherhood of arms
Endothermic Exowear
Prize Plushy
Gaiter Guards
Combat Medic Crusher Cap
Made Mann
Rogue's Col Roule
Liquor locker
Glasgow great helm
Dark age defender
Sandvich Safe
Trail Blazer
Tipped Lid
Extra Layer
Lieutenant Bites
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cool dude +rep
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eat pant
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Fun fact, "pansexual" includes necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality. It's not limited to just whatever genders there are.
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Buncha Weirdos