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Unlocked Apr 5 @ 6:26am

Faith in God will help us

Light a candles in an abandoned church
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 6:20am


Kill grandmother in the old village
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 5:45am

What happened?

Listen the airwaves in the hospital

Angels trumpeting

Listen the sound anomaly at the first location


Help to grandfather in town

Hanged people

Find the bodyes of hanged people over the railway


Rate the abstract picture on location "Bor"

Small world

Find "easter egg" from the first game of author

Top secret

Find the secret documents in the safe

What the numbers mean?

Listen to the radio signal in tunnels


Find anomalous zone in the tunnels


Give your partner a first aid kit


Kill all dogs without reloading weapons

Voice of hell

Call to Hell


Open the safe in the city

I hate mannequins!

Find a room with mannequins in city



The past is always with us

Reach the finals alone

Continue to live??

Reach the finals with a partner

Remember childhood

Assemble the children's puzzle