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Don't let the negative reviews make up your mind. Gone Home is truly a great game, but it is not made for all audiences. Keep in mind that this game is more like an interactive story than a convencional game, so if you don't like reading, I strongly recommend that you don't buy it, since its atmosphere and story won't be so deep as the developer made it to be. I insist: don't play it like a puzzle game, because this is not one. Oh, and of course, if you are an homophobic, you shouldn't play this game. Go play Call of Duty or something really manly to make you feel proud about your ignorance.

In this game you are Katie, a 20 year old girl who was on a tour trip. After one year traveling around europe, you finally come back to home, but you can't find your parents and your younger sis Sam. So the game is you walking in a mansion, interacting with documents, letters, and other stuff that will give you information about your parents, your sis, their relationship and how your younger sis feels about this new place. The focus here is your sister, who just find out she is in love with a friend. Now your sister is gone, and you don't know why.

Some people will tell that the game story is very clichè, and despite it is true, it is still very deep. The story happens in mid 90's, so if you was born before that, you will remember many old stuff you used to have. Prepare to drop some tears, since this game can be as good in evoking emotions as To The Moon.
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