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☣ “"Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions."' ☣
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ty. <3 10月19日上午3:41 
-rep te bag in pizda ma-tii ca te fac iubitu lu mama lu legendmihai
Remember 10月13日上午10:08 
Deng deng, dighidi deng deng, deng deng, dighidi deng deng,
ty. <3 10月11日下午12:03 
+rep am avut dreptate ca isi pune pizde la artwork il cunosc prea bine pe omu asta frt
🌸The Little Cauchemar🌸 10月9日上午3:50 
+rep GG on level sugah. Told ya. Now you can say you are amongst the big ones. Grow and annihilate them
ty. <3 10月7日上午11:47 
+rep facu level 10 acu poate sa puna poze cu pizde la artwork
Remember 10月7日上午9:39 
Signed by Akali
~ Congrats for Level 10
~ :cjstar: