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inSight: "You can hit arrows?! I thought only Mikcow hit arrows." - First game together.
Max4: "Thats a typical Rockey uber, if I ever saw one."

Mess with the best, die like the rest. I would kill the best gamer, but, it is a sin to suicide. Played with a YouTuber! Red Robot! -
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Want a Trade Bot?
Hello there!

I would like to introduce to you all ЯR Bots! After a year or so in continuous development, I am happy to release to you all a TF2 Trade Bot. I have privately used this bot for a year and fixed many issues whilst adding many features which I think may be useful to the owner of the bots.

Features of ЯR Bot:

- Ability to post listings on (both buy and sell)

- FREE Automatic Price updates! - Yes! This is free, unlike other bot services which require payment for auto pricing. If you want you can continuously request the bot to reprice its items!

- Scheduled price updates! No need to remember to tell the bot to update its prices. It will do it for you at a regular intervals!

- 24/7! We are LIVE!

- Custom Owner Controls.

- Send invitations to users to join a unique group.

- Extensive Monitoring Tools - through the use of Discord live trade photos are sent, whilst through Steam, the owner gets detailed trade receipts including the information about the other user who just traded your bot.

- SteamRep Scammer check

- Display statistics of your bot, regarding trades, accepted and declined.

- And so much more!

See ЯR Bots in action:

Currently have two ЯR Bots which have been used for trading and testing:
SpeedyBot: Backpack [] Steam
HappyBot: Backpack [] Steam
Their live trades can be seen in the discord group - current bot trades section (

About me:

- Available most of the time, able to help with any issues or questions.

- A dedicated worker, striving to improve ЯR Bot in any way. Always happy to take suggestions to add more features requested by bot owners!

- Have 5 years on Steam.

- Currently, have more than 500 keys pure in my backpack and my backpack worth upwards of $2500

- 8 +rep's on, mostly based on brokering high-value items for others, refunding items and as well as fixing issues with the bots

- Clean on SteamRep

- Have played and I still am playing in many leagues in competitive TF2 including ozfortress and UGC League

How to get ЯR Bot:

You will have to contact me! Information below.

This bot will be available to anyone and will be distributed in a similar fashion to how works, but a bit different. The only difference is, you provide the steam account you wish to be your trade bot. OR I can provide you an account to use during your subscription. However, that will incur an additional cost. After that, you will be in the driving seat!

Your ЯR Bot will be hosted on a VPS provided by me (just like Meaning it will be running 24/7! More trades done!!


Will be a subscription based. Contact me for further information. I can assure you that it will be the best pricing currently offered.

Lets talk:
Have any question or query whether it be big or small don't hesitate! I am always ready to help.
Contact me here:
Discord: rockeyroad#9399
My Discord Group where you can see ЯR Bots in action:

Chat Soon!
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