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In order to work around the character limit in the 'Custom Info Box' profile showcase, this guide will serve as a placeholder for my list of games not owned through Steam.

You can find the url for creating a new guide not tied to any particular game [u
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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
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98 Hours played
As others have already mentioned, Multiversus™ is a platform fighter that takes a lot of influence from Nintendo®'s Super Smash Bros™ series of games. I have always been an avid fan of the Super Smash Bros™ series; from the original Nintendo 64 release in 1999, to the most recent Super Smash Bros­­™: Ultimate game, released in 2018. There have been a few other platform fighters that have tried to mimic the feel of Super Smash Bros™, many of them ending up falling short for one reason or another, but Multiversus™ has gotten very close to to bring back this awesome feeling. I think that Multiversus™ is the best Super Smash Bros™ alternative out there.

A unique characteristic about Multiversus™ is that it strongly pushes a cooperative gameplay mechanic. This is something that not even Super Smash Bros™ has implemented, as Team Matches over there disable any interaction among teammates. But with Multiversus™, you're able to do such things as boosting your teammate by acting as a platform or roping them back to safety when they've run out of jumps in an otherwise bad situation. I think this is an excellent way to mix up the formula a bit, and would get even better when playing locally around friends.

My main criticism about Multiversus™ would be its use of a Battle Pass, level-based XP system, and in-game Store¹. This is kind of a minor criticism, as many other games seem have been doing these things for awhile now. It does seem to be possible to unlock everything through simply playing the game, albeit slowly. Although it can feel a bit overwhelming, or tedious at times, the fact that each character has its own level-based unlocks does motivate people to try new characters and play styles. Often times with fighters, I have noticed that people tend to stick with one, or a few, "main characters;" and this could potentially be a good move from Multiversus™ to try and persuade players away from this tendency.

Music / Sound Design- ☐ Amazing ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☑ Decent ☐ Not too bad ☐ Bad Game Play- ☑ Very good ☐ Good ☐ Nothing special ☐ Okay ☐ Bad Graphics- ☐ Masterpiece ☑ Beautiful ☐ Good ☐ Will do ☐ Bad ☐ Awful

¹At the time of writing this review, the in-game store has been disabled, so I am unaware of what type of items this may include.
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13.8 Hours played
Highly Recommend
I've been looking forward to this game since I saw the trailer for the first time, back in December 2020, and it's been everything that I've expected so far. If you are a person who enjoys character development, then I can't recommend this game enough.

The game gives you, the player, a unique role of being a "side kick" to the real main characters; but you'll still have the ability to influence their own decisions and watch them react to things that you've done throughout the game.

From a technical perspective, I felt that the graphics and animations were bit underwhelming by themselves. However, the game more than than makes up for that with a strong collaboration of music, sound design, game play, and story.

Music / Sound Design- ☑ Amazing ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☐ Decent ☐ Not too bad ☐ Bad Game Play- ☑ Very good ☐ Good ☐ Nothing special ☐ Okay ☐ Bad Graphics- ☐ Masterpiece ☐ Beautiful ☐ Good ☑ Will do ☐ Bad ☐ Awful

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