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ABOYNE (vb.) - To beat an expert at a game of skill by playing so appallingly that none of his clever tactics or strategies are of any use to him.
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More ICBMs than German snowman porn.

I recommend this game, but hesitantly. There's a lot of fun gameplay and interesting story to be had in Fallout 4, but that seems to run out when you approach the endgame. I really enjoyed the first 80% of the game, but had to force myself to get through the last 20%. I think my main problem was that you're forced to side with one of four factions, all of which turn out to be kind of terrible.

Seriously, if you want the best possible ending, get to the point where you have to pick a faction, and then turn off the game. It won't get better from there.

[mild spoiler] You'll be forced to murder at least one group of mostly innocent (and largely decent) people rather pointlessly in order to get ANY of the endings, even with the faction that seems like the most peaceful group. There's no "good" option, but not because of some compelling story that leaves you having to make a hard choice (New Vegas did that well)... it just feels painfully arbitrary. There's so many points in the story where it feels like they were going to give you a better option, but no, but the endgame is just awful no matter what.

Still, exploring the wasteland is fun. I liked the town-building (mostly), though I wish there were metter options to make them more self-sufficient. The combat is much improved over the previous first-person Fallouts, and I actually came to appreciate the the streamlined perk system replacing the skills. There are a few really great characters, like Nick Valentine, and even the less intertesting characters aren't bad.

I'm hoping that maybe the DLC will address some of my issues. They improved Fallout 3's endgame with DLC, so it's possible... but this time would take a lot more fixing, I fear.

There's a lot of fun to be had, but I would say there's no reason not to wait for the DLC and workshop support to be ready. Even then, perhaps wait for a good sale, or at least an all-inclusive GOTY edition. (or both)
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As a follower of the far-out space wizard Bowie, you have learned how to freak out to the cosmic jive of your own moonage daydream.
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Captain Swing Mar 17, 2015 @ 12:27pm 
"You should feel some measure of pride for how efficiently you wasted about two minutes of my life."