i like gmod, gmod, gmod, OH did i say gmod?
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Little King John Apr 22 @ 3:21pm 
+rep good guy!
NerdyDwarf Feb 25 @ 1:40pm 
NerdyDwarf Feb 11 @ 8:45am 
Oh *facepalm* I forgot about that, I set it up like 3 years ago? I forget when. sorry.
LuckyHooks Feb 11 @ 6:46am 
I'll play with you. I was joking about your profile description
NerdyDwarf Feb 11 @ 5:49am 
Yeah, I love Gmod! I'll play with you if ya want. I mostly do zombie survival but also I mess with sandbox and fighting different boss npc's people make with just a sword.
LuckyHooks Feb 10 @ 3:28pm 
Wait, do you like Gmod?