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Well, its still bullshit. I was harassed by Bob and apparently I'm the one who needs to be punished? If anything, Cheezus defending that type of behavior is worse that Bob just banning me. -TaleGunner 2018

To be fair it is Cheezus' final choice, as he runs the community. If a majority of the community doesn't want you there for whatever reason, Cheezus is probably gonna do something about it. -Bill Moore

Retr0Active: No, that would be a nice thing, and we arent allowed to have nice things

Gaghr: bob being reasonable and inclusive
Gaghr: what is this

Nazis Are Less Than Rocks has tried to connect but is banned for you didnt break any rules i just dont like you
Bdroidz: kek
[MG] TheDreadedGamer: kik
[MG] Cheezus #IZKMoreLikeIZGAY: kek
[MG] TheDreadedGamer: kok
[MG] Cheezus #IZKMoreLikeIZGAY: get penisd talegunner
[MG] TheDreadedGamer: edgy
dog haha: talegunner is a dick

OneEaredNeko: im willing to bet is just double sockets kek
OneEaredNeko: ggg is aids they dont know shit

Firstgamerable: And you're idiot, cause spherical wheels wont work above 60 tons, my tank is 140 tons. So STFU

Probleem: bob ill crash the server if you dont shut up

[MG] Cheezus: and ur gonna ride the fuck out of him

[MG] Festive DynamX: Zaz's girlfriends are more fake than multiple genders

DynamX: Zaz is the kinda guy who doesn't want to buy condoms so he uses a garbage bag instead

OneEaredNeko: if a whole gallon of bleach kills 99.9% of germs is zaz the

Spooky DynamX: Knee gears
OneEaredNeko: back to salt mgstation
[MG] Bob [HD]: ^^^^

[MGBot] Zaz cried for her second cumming point.

[MGBot] cheez inhaled the dildo.

[MGBot] cheez cums as NetBlitzer banned them.

[MGBot] cheez inhaled the center-console.

[MGBot] cheez inhaled the phone and heads off to owner.

[MGBot] cheez inhaled the washroomBD

[MGBot] cheez inhaled the vagina.

[MGBot] cheez Is a burnt up on the pussy.

[MGBot] Cheez inhaled the update

[MGBot] Inhaled the rotational force of Archie ' s dolphin erotica

[MGBot] cheez inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inhaled the inha

[MGBot] inhaled the Facepunch headquarters.

[AutismBot] cheezus was so slick, He likes.

[AutismBot] cheez pours Tim Hortons Coffee in their problems.

[AutismBot] neko says ohok.jpg Neko replied, Bitch, Im Your little chickenshits named B0n3r.

[AutismBot] zaz thought of dirty genie.

OneEaredNeko: nigger water

OneEaredNeko: i tape apple slices to my nipples

[MGBot] Bob ran over his Trabant and zaz yelled before they died.

*DEAD* OneEaredNeko: nigger

PC Specs :steambored:

Operating System: Windows 10
CPU: AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Seidon 120M 86.2 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
RAM: 12 GBs
PS: EVGA SuperNova 750W
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard
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